Betty Yee Finishes 2nd, Faces Swearingen in November

Yee defeats former Speaker John Pérez

by Brian Leubitz

Maybe you see races decided by 484 votes for some City Council races, or in some some states in exceptionally close elections. But in a California statewide election? That razor’s edge is extremely rare:

A month after the primary election, Democrat Betty Yee finished 484 votes ahead of John A. Pérez for second-place in the state controller’s race, officials announced Monday.

Lake County Registrar Diane Fridley used nearly all of her allotted 28 days to certify the results in the down-ballot contest that sparked a daily ritual of political junkies refreshing their web browsers. (SacBee)

Just how close is that? It is 12 thousandths of a percent of the vote total.   Or approximately the same as the vote difference in Florida in 2000 (percentage wise).

Pérez can seek recounts of specific precincts, but there is always the risk of going the other way. There is no guarantee of picking up votes in any one precinct. Because Lake County took so much time, there is a limited decision period for Pérez to decide if he wants to seek that recount. But as of right now, Betty Yee looks to be the favorite over Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearingen in November.

4 thoughts on “Betty Yee Finishes 2nd, Faces Swearingen in November”

  1. Has Perez conceded ?

    Is he likely to concede ?

    If it’s over, what are Yee’s chances in November ?

    You would think the Democrat would a a shoe in statewide with Jerry Brown heading the ticket

    Let’s hope

  2. … at year-end he will be out of a job and without a college diploma.  Doesn’t he have to demand a recount?  Or will he get appointed to a $100k pay, minor work commission as a “thank you for your service” while he decides what to run for next?

    I will say that the Assembly did achieve a remarkable “quiet” under his leadership.  Budgets got produced (on time) and our financial situation improved greatly.  Not sure if the credit is Pérez’s but good things happened.

    I’m curious as to how he will re-invent himself.

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