A Necessary Drop in the Immigration Bucket

California leaders agree to $3M for legal aid for undocumented children

While three million dollars is really just a drop in the bucket for the  the many undocumented children and their legal expenses, it sends a strong statement:

Gov. Jerry Brown, Attorney General Kamala Harris and Legislative leaders announced legislation Thursday that sets aside the money for non-profits that provide legal help to unaccompanied minors currently in California.

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“These young people have legal rights and responsibilities, but they cannot fully participate in complex immigration proceedings without an attorney,” Harris said. “It is critical that these children, many of whom are fleeing extreme violence in Central America, have access to due process and adequate legal representation.” (SF Chronicle / Melody Gutierrez)

While Rick Perry is sending the national guard to the border, California leaders are doing what they can to help these children. It is a positive step, and shows that America (and California specifically) is still a caring nation.