What is Carly Fiorina Running for?

Carly FiorinaPundits already discounting the failed Senate candidate

by Brian Leubitz

It is never good when an officer in your own party in your home state says this about your candidacy:

California GOP Vice Chairwoman Harmeet Dhillon said Monday she could envision Fiorina’s campaign propelling her to a cabinet post or even a vice-presidential nomination.

“But I don’t know a single person who thinks she’ll be our presidential nominee,” Dhillon said. (Josh Richman/BANG)

Perhaps she is using the campaign as a way to elevate her national profile for a cabinet gig. But that seems an awfully expensive and laborious task just to raise one’s profile.

She’s failed at HP, though I do give her credit for um, reducing costs while she was there. She’s a failed Senate candidate here in California, and now she is looking to also become a failed presidential candidate as well?

You have to admire her tenacity against all the odds in this somewhat quixotic run, but at least I have high hopes for more Demon Sheep videos:

2 thoughts on “What is Carly Fiorina Running for?”

  1. Even in losing she passed some kind of loyalty test by taking on the “doomed cause”.

    Obviously, the GOP would like to have a woman on their stage in 2016. Carly’s proven to be feisty with liberal critics and she has the chutzpah to reach out to TeaPuppet audiences, despite her sophisticated prep-school upbringing.

    She’s never held elected office, and admitted to rarely voting – but that doesn’t seem to bother conservative voters.

    She’ll be a reliable mouthpiece for Corporate Agenda… I’d say she’s been encouraged to run by the Wall Streeters.

  2. I think she’s running for Secretary of Labor in the Ted Cruz Administration

    All those unemployed people can be sent to the front lines after President Cruz invades Iran !!

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