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Undecided about H1N1 Vaccination?

Although parents strive to make sure their children are inoculated from various diseases, there is something different about this swine flu.

Although the H1N1 vaccine will soon be readily available throughout California and the greater United States, many are holding a healthy skepticism in regards to vaccinating themselves and their families.

Due to such a high demand for the vaccine, manufacturers have shifted production of the seasonal flu vaccine to the H1N1. In San Jose, the Good Samaritan Hospital has had few seasonal shipments coming in. This is of interest to those who want to receive the seasonal flu shot and not the H1N1. Many citizens of California have been outspoken in their opinions regarding swine flu.

Although I have received the seasonal flu shot on three occasions with no side effects, I will not be taking either the H1N1 or seasonal flu vaccine shots this year. The best advice to keep your immune system strong is to eat a nutritional diet by avoiding fast foods, junk foods and high fat content, washing your hands on a frequent basis and keeping an active lifestyle.

There is an increased amount of doubt being placed from progressive thinking individuals and groups regarding the truthfulness by the media and health officials regarding swine flu, and with good reason. Many events in the last decades have sparked this ‘questioning of the answers:

 1) debacle with the war in Iraq 2) constant fear mongering 3) the asbestos scandal, which has lead to thousands developing a cancer known as mesothelioma  4) the media's lack of cohesive government oversight and 5) the for profit health care system which remains in place.

What to do?

Here is some history and recent information I compiled regarding the Swine Flu scare of 1976 and the public's skepticism:

According to a recent article from the San Fransisco Gate, in 1976, the United States started one of the most massive vaccination campaigns in modern history to avert the emergence of a swine flu pandemic. It was also one of the biggest public health cluster foots in history. 46 million people were vaccinated against the swine flu virus and 4,000 people developed Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS), a neurological disease that can lead to paralysis or even death.

It is a very difficult decision, but one that should be made with caution, healthy skepticism and research.

For me, swine flu is real. However, take steps on a daily basis to ensure your immune system is high and your hands are clean: wash your hands frequently, carry hand sanitizer, eat healthy and exercise. Unless you are an infant, senior citizen, pregnant woman or suffer from any type of chronic health ailment, is there really a need to be vaccinated?  It is imperative for those to receive as much news, medical and historical information as possible before making the decision.