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Obama Organizing Fellows….I got accepted…

Today, I found out that I got accepted as an Organizing Fellow (unpaid) for Barack Obama’s campaign.

Even though it is unpaid and for some people that is a deal breaker, it just feels right to be able to participate in the Obama Organizing Fellows program.  

Since I live in Southern California, I chose Nevada (California is not a choice), because it is a swing state in the upcoming election for the location of my Fellowship.

Normally, I would be working, but since I got laid off a few months ago, I have some extra time (no pun intended).  So this is the perfect opportunity for me to go out there and support Obama’s campaign.  Plus, I also know Spanish, so I KNOW I can use my Spanish skills in Nevada.  

The training will start between June 14th-16th and it runs until ~July 26th.    I’m pretty sure, the campaign will be able to provide housing, as i’ve heard that the Obama campaign is pretty good about providing housing for volunteers.  

The only thing I need to worry about know is having enough money to eat, but somehow i’ll manage even if it’s cup-o-noodles and water for the whole month.  

Wish me luck, and i’m accepting donations for my cup-o-noodles rations :).    

Here is the letter:


   We’ve reviewed your fellowship application, and I am pleased to offer you admission into the Obama Organizing Fellows program.

   Although Barack will campaign vigorously in all 50 states, our need for fellows is particularly high in certain states, and we strongly encourage you to relocate to one of these high-need states to participate in the program.

   The program in these high-need states will begin with a training from June 14th to June 16th. Afterwards, fellows will organize for Barack in communities in these states through July 26th.

   To accept this offer of admission, you must fill out this form and let us know where you can participate in the program by Thursday at 5:00 p.m. CST:

   Should you be unable to relocate to one of these selected states, you will still be able to participate in your home state, but the program will begin in mid-July and run through the end of August.

   Fellows who participate in high-need states will be given special priority should employment opportunities arise at the conclusion of the program.

   If you accept this offer and join the program in one of our high-need states, someone from the campaign will call you next week to welcome you personally, discuss further details, and answer any questions you have. If you accept in another state, someone from the campaign will call you closer to the time of the start of the program to discuss the details further.

   Thank you for all that you’ve done — we look forward to meeting you and working with you in the weeks and months ahead.


   Jon Carson

   Voter Contact Director

   Obama for America

If you would like to donate here is my direct link for Paypal (I will only use what I need, if there’s any left over, I will use it to help others in the program as well):…

I will also accept food donations ( I will share those as well with the other Obama Organizing Fellows):  E-mail me at: [email protected] and I will send you my address.

If you would like to offer housing to an Obama Organizing Fellow, here is the link on the Obama site: