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Town Hall Meeting tonight in Long Beach on Redistricting

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Thursday night, Aug 10, in the Long Beach, Ca., City Councils Chambers at 7:00pm, California League of Women Voters, California Common Cause, CommonWealth Club Voices of Reform Project are sponsoring a TownHall meeting with state and local representatives to discussing Redistricting, the legislation SCA 3, which passed out of the California Senate Election Committee in March 2006, with voters their concerns about redistricting.
I hope that everyone, that can, will attend and make your voices heard.  It is not just concerning Long Beach, but everyone voting districts in the state of California.

Behind the Orange Curtain

With DieBold, Sequioa, Hart, Paperless Voting, Propriotory software in voting machines, Voter Tabulators having wireless access, voter’s registration being fraudulently change (Orange,County), San Diego Primary (50th district) voting machines on sleepovers with poll workers, what happen in Ohio, in Florida and the Texas Redistricting by Tom Delay and Friends.  I think all of this would persuade any American, Independent, Democrat, Republican or GreenParty, voter to be involved in any townhall meeting on Redistricting.
If the voter does not have a chance in hell to have a person represent their issues, because their district has been Jerrymandered to make it impossible to get the percentage of vote they need.  That seem to discribe something like Corporate Monopolies, and we know that Big Oil is raking in the bucks while we the people are going further in debt. 
What I am trying to say is that in a Democracy the minority of the populus must be able to vote for a person that can represent their needs as well as the majorities.  The majority will never have problems with representation, because simply  there are more of them. 
We can not allow districts to be drawn for a majorities needs or an incumbant’s needs. Such redistricting committees must be composed of persons who understand this simple lesson in civics. They must be drawn to represent all of the population that reside in such districts.  That is what supports the foundation of a Democracy, and what helps a society survive and not fall.  The Romans forgot their civics, and I think we all know the rest of that story.