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New poster–anyone from OC out there?

Hey all,

Just discovered this blog from a link on MyDD. Seems there’s little if any activity from OC. I’ll try to post here occasionally to let you know what I see going on around me, though I definitely don’t see it all. A little about myself: I’m an alternate on the DPOC Central Committee (former delegate), CDP delegate, active in DFA-OC, communications person for a Congressional candidate, and precinct organizer for my city of residence through OC’s incipient involvement with

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We have some interesting races here, with our only Democrat-held seats (AD-69, SD-34) the only significantly contested primaries. Otherwise, I believe we actually have a great set of candidates this cycle. Most of the state Assembly and Senate candidates came out to DFA-OC’s candidate forum in April. They really surprised me. We also have some great candidates for local office and are finally working on building a farm team for the next decade, when–I firmly believe–Democrats will overtake Repubs as the plurality party in the county. Just you watch!

Please post with questions comments, as well as suggestions for my Congressional candidate.