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Is America too Big for Its Own Good? Let’s Open the Debate this President’s Day

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Recently a renowned Political Economy Professor from the University of Maryland wrote an Op-Ed in the NYT, suggesgting that it might be time we took a careful look at our nation and how it operates.  Political parties aside, has it just grown too big to be truly democratic?


How often can citizens from California make it to DC to protest a bad decision, pack a committee hearing where the future of the ANWR is being decided?  How are elections decided, but by big media conglomerates, rather than citizens’ views of the candidates.  How often do candidates come to California? 

Continually, we find ourselves at odds with federal policy over global warming, gay rights, a woman’s right to choose, the war in Iraq and countless other issues.  Meanwhile  our roads are in disrepair, our schools are underfunded and our infrastructure is about 50 years old.  Where is the federal government to help us when we need it?  Spending $380 billion in Iraq, and counting.  Perhaps it is time to reopen the debate over Federalism.  What is the system that serves our nation best in 2007?

Should states still control presidential elections?  Should we devolve other powers to each region–become some kind of EU in North America?  Should California strike its own course?  Should we cut California up into eight states to wield more power in the Senate?

Moving the Primary Benefits Giuliani

Giuliani’s heroesque performance at this weekend’s California Republican Party Convention is a reminder that moving the state primary up could be dangerous to progressive causes in yet another way–Giuliani’s moderate, yet hawkish, message could resonate the GOP to state and national victory.…

Some prime quotes from his Saturday speech:

Attacking the Congressional debate on antiwar resolutions:

“Presidents can’t do nonbinding resolutions. Presidents have to make decisions and move the country forward, and that’s the kind of president I will want to be.”

“President Bush made the decision to reverse the politics of the past. Where we had been on defense against terrorism, he goes on the offense. … We are going to see that as having been a very wise, very brave decision that kept America safe.”