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Bush Visits California: Terminator Becomes Invisible Man

Alphaliberal.comPresident Bush was in Southern California recently to raise more money for the culture of corruption that has infested the American government. Not only is Bush in one bluest of blue states trying to advance goals that most Californians find offensive, but he has snarled traffic on the 405 freeway making it very difficult for alot of Californians to get to work.

Republican Governor Schwarzenegger will not take part in the events. Aides say Schwarzenegger is too busy campaigning for next month’s ballot initiatives. The Governor’s campaign expressed disappointment that Bush would travel to the state to raise millions of dollars just a few weeks before the special election.

It is unfortunate that the Governor is distancing himself from Bush. This is the same tactic he used to win the recall election. In reality his actions have shown him to be a Bush-clone at best and a parrot of the GOP’s corrupt agenda at worst.

A major reason Schwarzenegger succeeded in the recall election is that he seemed to be different. He seemed to be a Republican that Democrats and Independants could support (or at least not actively oppose). He claimed he had no hard feelings toward gays, was pro-choice, supported working folk, and wanted to reform government in a good way. That is the image he is desperately trying to maintain by distancing himself from Bush. Instead, through his actions, we now know who the real Governator is, and that is why his approval rating keeps dropping.

Alphaliberal.comThe real Arnold is aligned with the anti-gay movement (he vetoed the recent gay marriage bill). The real Arnold is helping advance the anti-choice movement (his special election includes illegal restrictions on a woman’s right to choose). The real Arnold, like all other Republicans, is an anti-worker, union-buster (he has taken on the “speical interest” teachers, firefighters, police, and the like, and now seeks to silence them with Proposition 75).

The real Arnold, despite being once an undocumented immigrant himself, supports anti-immigrant policies (he pays lip service to the minutemen militia who continue to harrass Latinos). The real Arnold has the same illegitimate goals as Tom DeLay, (by trying to change redistricting to elect more conservatives to office). The real Arnold is ready, willing, and able to bow to the mantle of the corporate greed, (the same forces that brought us the energy de-regulation distaster and the associated mythical blackouts and huge power bills).

Hopefully voters in California won’t be fooled twice. The terminator has turned into the invisible man now that Bush is here because he is hoping to make us think there is a big difference between him and Bush. There is not.

Talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words. The Gropenator is 100%l liberal-populist in his talk, but in reality he is a right-wing conservative corporatist of the worst kind –just like Bush and DeLay. Hopefully his dissapearing act will not fool Californians again because when it comes to being the different kind of politician that this Californian hoped he was, Schwarzenneger is all talk and no action.

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Defeat Proposition 75. Make It Apply To Corporations.

Want to see Arnold Schwarzenegger and his corporate cronies flip-flop faster than John Kerry at a gay marriage rally? Want to know what is REALLY behind Prop. 75?

What is good for the goose is good for the gander, right? If the Governator thinks Prop. 75 is such a good idea for unions, ask him whether he supports applying the same principle to corporations too. Proposition 75, at its core is designed to hurt the clout of the unions and strengthen the corporate hand, so Arnold and his supporters are hypocrites who will not back this proposal, even though it is the fair thing to do.

Prop. 75 wants to impose internal requirements on the unions to take majority votes of their members before they take political action. Contentious matters internal to the union will become expensive, time consuming, and wasteful. The unions will be hamstrung, frozen in place, and unable to act –when that is precisely what they need to do in certain scenarios.

Whether Prop. 75 passes or fails, the best answer is to begin an all out push in California to impose the same requirement on corporations that Schwarzenegger and his corporate cronies, are now trying to push onto unions.

Alphaliberal.comIt is time to take dirty money out of California politics. There is no disconnect between union activities and the best interests of its members that requires majority votes every time the union wants to act. There is a simple solution. If union members don’t like what the union is doing and don’t think the union is acting in their best interest, they are free to leave the union and join up with any employer they want. They are free to join Wal-Mart if they feel that is who will look out for their best interests.

The real problem in California is the influence of corporations, not the strength of the unions. There is a real disconnect between corporate interests and the interests of the people of California. Imagine this, a large multi-national corporation throws millions of dollars into a political campaign to abolish personal bankruptcy for Californians who have hit on hard times –not caring that most of the bankruptcies are caused by a catastrophic illness and a lack of affordable healthcare. At the very same time the very same company is pumping millions of dollars into political campaigns designed to weaken the health care for California’s workers.

Do you think the shareholders of that corporation (a large portion of which is made up of union members) should be able to take a vote too before the company uses their money to fund a campaign designed to harm their interests? Unions are already working to qualify an initiative that would bar corporations from making political donations without prior shareholder approval. As major corporate shareholders, union pension funds could use that power to blunt the political influence of big business in California. Turnabout is fair play.

There is no problem between the interests of union members and leaders that requires a multi-million dollar ballot fight to interfere with the freedom of the union. There is a HUGE problem with corporate money, unchecked, being used to promote politics that hurts ordinary Californians. When these corporations are owned by shareholders and union members you are darn right these corporations should be required to receive approval from their members before throwing millions into harmful political campaigns.

I wont hold my breath waiting for Arnold to do what is right and fair. Luckily the unions aren’t waiting either but are already starting to take action.

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Defeat Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Proposition 75? Si Se Puede

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The forces that favor corporate greed over the rights of the working man are gearing up for an all out war.  In California, on November 8, these forces, aligned with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, will to try to sneak through a devious anti-worker proposition that will weaken the clout of the unions.

Alphaliberal.comPaying reverance to his multi-national corporate masters, Arnold will do anything and say anything to make you believe passing Proposition 75 will be somehow beneficial for anyone, somehow, somewhere, at some time –but it is not.

What is really behing Proposition 75 is the ongoing wish of greedy corporate giants to further weaken the union’s ability to get the things done in the way they feel they need to, in order to fight back.

In essence, Aronld wants to take away the union’s clout and increase the clout of his corporate masters. Weakening unions hurts the worker’s ability to organize and use collective power to demand improvements to their lives, health care, and working conditions –when fighting against rich and nearly-immovable corporate powerhouses. If proposition 75 passes, unions will be further hamstrung in their efforts, which help promote policies that will help workers.

In Los Angeles a “black-brown” coalition landslided in the first latino mayor in over a century. It may take such a coalition again in California to beat back these initiatives that will make it harder for the poor to rise up and for the middle-class to have decent lives.

Yes they could do it in Los Angeles, can they do it also throughout all of California? In the face of the charismatic governator? Will this growing coalition of workers and their allies once again stand up, show up at the polls, and show who is going to be setting the agenda for California’s future?

From what I have seen, I am sure we can.

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