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Arnold admits 1A-1E are going to down to defeat!

Intentional?  Or Freudian slip.…

Here’s his statement:

“No. 2, it is very clear that when the initiatives fail there will be $6 billion less that will be available, so therefore there will have to be additional cuts made, if it is in law enforcement, fire, education,” he added. “…But I will fight for every dollar, and will always make sure we have enough manpower and enough engines and helicopters ready to fight those fires.”

Did you get that?  “…WHEN the initiatives fail…”

Delicious.  What’s your spin on that sacguy/Maviglio?

Maybe Karen Bass and Darrell Steinberg will also see the writing on the wall and admit the 1A-1F turds can’t be polished to enough of a shine to make them palatable.