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Gary Pritchard Offers Real Leadership In South Orange County

The 33rd District has a chance to elect a great new leader in the State Senate this year. With the problems that face our district and state, new common-sense leadership is desperately needed. Gary Prithchard is an educator, and a respected member of the community. He offers a new vision, and will fight to represent the 33rd district and insure that our voices will be heard.  

Gary has an impressive resume to point to:

I’m a 37 year old California native who was born in the Central Valley town of Bakersfield and raised near the southern entrance of Yosemite National Park.

I now live in Aliso Viejo with Heather my supportive spouse of 10 years and Charlotte our exuberant five year old daughter..

I am a dedicated educator in the public school system. I completed college in Southern California where I attended Chapman University, the Claremont Graduate School, UCLA, and UCI. I hold a Ph.D. in the Social Sciences and am a tenured professor in the Fine Arts and Communication Division of Cerritos College where I have taught since 1999. In the summer, I am also a lecturer at UCI.…

Gary would fight for Fiscal Responsibility, and for Transparency and Responsibility in our Government:

Transparency and responsibility are the first priorities. Every resident should have access to how their taxes are spent in the State of California. It should also be easy to understand and to know who exactly was responsible for parts of the budget and who put forth earmark spending. Fiscal responsibility is imperative at all times, the good and the bad. Why doesn’t the State currently have a surplus from when our economy was booming? Important revenues were cut and spending was expanded without any regard for unforeseen future economic circumstances. Would the average household not prepare for hard times by saving when times are good? Should we not expect the same common sense approach in our Government by demanding our legislature treat our money like theirs?…

Gary has compiled an impressive list of endorsments in this race:


The California Democratic Party

California State Treasurer

California Labor Federation, AFL-CIO

Orange County

Anaheim Democratic Club

Democratic Party of Orange County

Democracy for America, Orange County

North Orange County Democratic Club

Progressive Women in North Orange County

Debra Carrillo, Deputy DA and Candidate for OC Superior Court Judge

Debbie Cook, Mayor of Huntington Beach

Sharon Quirk, Mayor of Fullerton

Pamela Keller, Fullerton City Councilwoman

John Hanna, RSCCD Trustee

Michael Matsuda, NOCCD Trustee


California School Employees Union, Chapter 161

Cerritos College Faculty Federation – AFT Local 6215

International Brotherhood of Teamsters, California

Orange County Employees Association

United Auto Works, Region Five

We need a State Senator like Gary who will fight for balanced solutions to our difficult problems instead of brushing them off or getting them trapped in legislative gridlock.

Please support Gary, and a better future for California’s 33rd District here:…