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Redistricting leaves Marin and sonoma with no Senator for two years

Marin and Sonoma Counties are currently represented by State Senator Mark Leno.  As of last week, maps show the District split at the Golden Gate Bridge, which is what we were hoping for, however, watch out what you wish for. As of this weekend, San Francisco has been given an odd-number. This means they will have a Senate election in 2012. Mark Leno, as the “odd numbered” Senator, will run for re-election in that race. However, even numbered District have no elections until 2014.  In the new numbering scheme, we will be District 2, even, and hence no election until 2014.

But will that mean we have no State Senator until 2014, since our current Senator, Mark Leno, will now represent San Francisco?  The current Senators representing a part of the new District (which goes all the way to the Oregon border) are Noreen Evans, Dem, Santa Rosa, and Doug LaMalfa, Republican from Butte County, thankfully not in the new District.  I’d be happy with Noreen, but I think she’s in the part of Santa Rosa north of College Avenue and out of the new District.  Does this mean we get a caretaker appointed Senator until 2014? Anyone know this? Weird huh?