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Brown Signs Bills to Move Ballot Measures to Novembers & Online Voter Reg

Measure would put signature initiatives on November elections

by Brian Leubitz

First, let’s say one thing, SB 202 is not a simple stroke of genius that makes initiatives all of a sudden a great system. But, it is a fair reform that lets the full electorate vote on important measures.

In short, SB 202 moves all future (so doesn’t apply to measures already qualified for the ballot) initiatives placed on the ballot through signatures to general elections.  In other words, gubernatorial and presidential elections.

Of course, the Right is pretty livid about this, as this June was going to be their dream election to put a bunch of right-wing crap on the ballot. With low turnout on the Democratic side, we would basically have the electorate of Arizona or something.

You can read Governor Brown’s signing message for SB 202 here or below the fold.  He refers to a rainy day fund measure that will be on the ballot that is moved by SB 202, in the context of wanting to avoid putting additional money into a bank account when we are broke.  (Makes sense, huh?)

In other news, the Governor also approved finally allowing people to register to vote online. Which, if you think about it makes perfect sense. So, apparently Jerry has some of that common sense thing. Hooray!

SB 202 Signing Message