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Tim Donnelly looks to Recall Sen. Norma Torres

Former self-proclaimed vigilante joins “Free California” movement in attempt to recall Pomona senator

by Brian Leubitz

Sure, I could have posted the video from the Bee of Donnelly talking about the recall campaign. But, let’s face it, this is about Tim Donnelly, so the ColbertReport video was far more appropriate. The former MinuteMan state leader is pretending to run for Governor next year, and even Abel Maldonado is getting more and better press coverage.

So, he needs some sort of stunt, kind of like the fence stunt in the video. And attempting to recall a State Senator that has been in office for about six months seems to fit the bill:

Having failed to persuade Gov. Jerry Brown to reject a wide-ranging package of gun control bills, pro-gun advocates announced on Thursday they will seek to punish Democrats who supported the measures at the ballot box.

“Every single assemblyman and state senator swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution,” Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, R-Twin Peaks, told reporters before speaking at the conference. “And when they violate that oath by trying to erase the Second Amendment, then I think we have a duty” to “remove that threat.”(SacBee)

This is of course from a man who claims to be a vigilante and carried a gun into the airport. Torres seems to be merely a name he chose from a list of Democrats, perhaps one with a slightly less Democratic seat. But the underlying fact is that Torres won the special election this spring, and deserves to server out her term.

Californians support these very modest gun safety changes, and Torres seems to be in little actual threat. But this is about Tim Donnelly, the “patriot not politician”, who apparently loves to play political games.

The Merry Go Round Files: Norma Torres to Senate, Another Assembly Seat Opens

Norma Torres Easily Wins Election to Senate, Next Up: Replacing Michael Rubio

by Brian Leubitz

Norma Torres, the current Assembly member from Pomona, yesterday won election to the Senate, defeating an overmatched Republican in the Top-2 race.

With all precincts reporting, the state Assemblywoman from Pomona got 59.4 percent of the vote in Tuesday’s election, according to figures on the secretary of state’s website. Her Republican challenger, Ontario Mayor Paul Leon, got 40.6 percent.(AP)

The district, split between Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties, is heavily Democratic. She only narrowly was pushed to the second round of the special election, and easily had more resources to win the race.

The Senate’s supermajority is intact, but the Assembly will have to wait for the eventual election of Lorena Gonzalez in San Diego’s Assembly special election next week. Gonzalez, the Secretary-Treasurer/CEO of the San Diego Labor Council, is the heavy favorite in the Democratic leaning AD-80. Chula Vista Councilman Steve Castaneda, a Republican turned Democrat, has received very little institutional support, and a similar grassroots response. Either way, a Democrat will take the AD-80 seat, and restore the Democrats 2/3 majority. However, a Gonzalez victory is the preferred outcome for Leadership and progressive activists.

The focus now shifts to replacing Chevron’s Michael Rubio. Rubio left for Chevron a few months ago, and in a low turnout special election, anything can happen. The two strongest candidates are Democratic Supervisor Leticia Perez and former Congressional candidate Republican Andy Vidak. Vidak very narrowly lost to Rep. Costa in 2010, and is seen as a strong candidate. The Republicans see a chance to pick up a seat here, and will be spending what resources they have on the race.

An election date to replace Asm. Torres will be decided upon by Gov. Brown after Torres officially leaves the Assembly.

Hueso Wins, Torres To Run-off

Senate will regain supermajority

by Brian Leubitz

A split decision in yesterday’s Special Election, as Asm. Ben Hueso exceeded the 50% mark in his bid to replace Juan Vargas in the Senate, but Norma Torres was not able to break that mark in her bid. Torres will go on to a run off on May 14, where she will be a big favorite against Republican Paul Leon.

Now that the Senate is back at 2/3, what does this mean for the supermajority in the Assembly? Torey Van Oot breaks it down:

The Assembly will hold onto its supermajority status when Huseo departs for the upper house, but not for long. At least one other Assembly Democrat, Bob Blumenfield, is expected to resign this summer to take a Los Angeles City Council seat he won in a recent primary. Successors to both Blumenfield and Hueso will be selected in later special elections. (SacBee)

Round and round…