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Standing Up for California

Surprise, surprise, Phil Angelides has started a new  organization: Standing Up for California. When I got the email, my eyes rolled at the thought of him already starting to mount his comeback with the same team that ran what can only be described as a God-Awful campaign.

But join me over the flip for why I think you should go take his survey and why this organization could be important if it decides to be more than a fan club.

If you take the survey, you’ll see that it tries to drill down on issues, demographics, and skill set. The issues stuff was OK, not very in-depth but not bad. The demographics was limited to age, which makes me think the survey was designed by idiots because in CA you would have thought there would have at least been questions on geography and language. However, there were two questions that surprised me, one on blogs and one on social networks.

My guess is that there won’t be too many positive responses on the last two questions because the Angelides campaign never meaningfully encouraged and trained supporters to take advantage of the political potential that the internet provides, but hopefully they learned their lesson.

But here is why this could be important, Angelides doesn’t need to run for anything to change California. He has a ton of email addresses, access to plenty of money, and that is all he really needs. Think of this as the Al Gore model.

I don’t want a comeback, I want him to just do stuff, right now. And sure enough, if he just does stuff it might make me want to see a comeback. I was disgusted with Gore’s campaign, his VP pick, and the way he rolled over during the recount but like many people I have admired what he has done since then.

I don’t know whether Angelides will use his potential wisely this time, but like many I’ll be watching.

Check it out: