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OC for Peace: These Pictures Tell the Story

UPDATE: by Brian…As long as there is some space here, let’s talk about tonight’s activities.  There are going to be lots of Iraq War vigils all over the country.  Four in California are listed in the event section, but there will be a lot more.  Moveon.org has an archive (by Zip) here.Check it out if you are so inclined…

For more pics from Saturday’s event, as well as a little verbal explanation, follow me after the flip…

We began at Pioneer Park in Garden Grove. I joined my friends at the Orange County for Obama group to raise awareness about the upcoming election, as well as about Barack Obama’s progressive campaign of hope. I’d say that we were quite successful in reaching out to Orange County’s progressive community. [And yes, Brian and all you Bay Area people, THERE ARE ORGANIZED PROGRESSIVES IN ORANGE COUNTY! hehe : ) ]

After the rally at Pioneer Park, WE ALL got up on our feet, and we began to march together. We marched to my Congresswoman’s office, politely asking (or at least, most of us were…) Loretta Sanchez to take some real, binding action to end this war. Unfortunately, she was not in her office. However, we left her our “troop withdrawal slips” and marched on. Finally, we landed at the busy intersection of Chapman Avenue and The City Drive in Orange (near The Block, a popular shopping area).

I think most everyone driving by heard our message loud and clear. ; )

So overall, I think that we were quite successful in raising awareness AND raising hell. Hopefully, all of us will keep up the good work until ALL OF OUR TROOPS ARE SAFELY OUT OF IRAQ! And hopefully, that will be very soon.

To find out more about making peace in The OC, check out what the OC Peace Coalition is up to. And if you want to take local action to help a truly great progressive win the Presidency in 2008, please join us at OC for Obama. THERE ARE PROGRESSIVES THROUGHOUT ORANGE COUNTY, and we’d love for you to join us in making a difference.

(And finally, I should thank our fearless OC for Obama grassroots leader, Zinnia Menardi, for sharing with me all these great photos…
All so I can share them with all of you!) : )