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PPIC Survey: Californians Want Term Limits, Redistricting, Hillary, and Rudy

The Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) has just released its new statewide survey… And boy, is this one a doozie!

The People Like Arnold a Little Less And Dislike the Leg a Little Less

56% of likely voters approve of Arnold’s performance as Governator. That’s down five points from January, but still OK for him. However, the Legislature is still becoming… Well, less unpopular. While only 39% of likely voters approve of the Legislature’s performance, that’s a big jump from only 23% approval (AND 65% DISAPPROVAL!!) a year ago.

Sorry, Don Perata… Voters Like Term Limits As They Are

68% of likely voters think terms limits have been good for California, and 64% “oppose a term limits reform initiative that proponents hope to put on the February 2008 primary ballot.”

The opposition is also widespread: 70% of Republicans, 61% of Democrats and 68% of independents say they oppose the initiative.

– … But They Do Want to Redo Redistricting

Now, we all know that the real strategy to get term limits changed is to tie it to redistricting reform. Well, I guess they’re kinda “halfway there”. Voters want to change the way that districts are drawn…:

– 66% of likely voters think the current redistricting system needs at least minor changes.
– 39% of likely voters think it needs major changes
– 66% of likely voters favor putting an independent citizen commission in change of drawing districts.

So What Do Voters REALLY Care About?

19% – immigration, illegal immigration
13% – jobs, economy
12% – education, schools
9% – health care, health costs
7% – gasoline prices
6% – crime, gangs, drugs
4% – housing costs
3% – environment, pollution
3% – state budget, deficit, taxes
3% – traffic, transportation, infrastructure
14% – other
7% don’t know

For more on what’s on Californians’ minds, and what this might mean for public policy this year, follow me after the flip for more…

Now 54% of likely voters view immigrants as a benefit to the state because of their hard work and job skills, meanwhile only 39% see immigrants as a burden because they use public services. It looks like most Californians don’t have a problem with immigrants… Except that 53% don’t want undocumented immigrants to have health care benefits.

Health Care: What Do Californians Want?

Although health care is not a top priority, 71% of Californians are saying that health care is in need of major change. 82% of Democrats, 74% of Independents, and 58% of Republicans all feel that we need major changes in our health care system. 83& of likely voters are concerned about providing health care for all Californians. So what exactly are Californians supporting? What do they want to see done with health care?

65% of likely voters favor a plan “requiring all Californians to have health insurance, with costs shared by employers, health care providers, and individuals”. 69% of likely voters say it is a good idea to require all Californians to have health insurance, with programs available for the poor. 67% of likely voters feel that employers should be required to provide health insurance for their employers or pay a fee to the state to help cover the costs fo health insurance. Now with all these proposals, there’s pretty solid support among Democrats and Independents, but not so much among Republicans.

2008 Prez Primary: Dems Want Hillary, GOPers Want Rudy

So who do California Democrats want for President next year?

35% – Hillary Rodham Clinton
24% – Barack Obama
14% – John Edwards
6% – Bill Richardson
8% – someone else (specify)
13% – don’t know

And who do California Republicans want?

33% – Rudy Giuliani
19% – John McCain
14% – Newt Gingrich
7% – Mitt Romney
14% – someone else (specify)
13% – don’t know

For more fun and joy and craziness and pretty numbers, go see the survey for yourself. Come on now, you know you want to! ; )