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AD 71: Cry Me a River, Todd Spitzer

Poor Mr. Republican Insider Jubal. His good friend Todd Spitzer has been asked to move from his current office into a smaller office, since other Assembly Members are in need for larger offices to house larger staff. However, good ol’ Jubal won’t take the simple and logical explanation… No, this whole damn thing is one big, evil conspiracy of Fabian Nunez to punish poor Todd Spitzer for not “coddling to criminals” like all the evil left-wing extremists who control the Capitol!

You just have to see Matt/Jubal’s wild rant at Red County/OC Blog to believe it.

OC Register’s Brian Joseph has a series of posts about whether or not Assemblyman Todd Spitzer is being punished by Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez — here, here, here and here.

Spitzer was moved from a 758-square foot office to one that is 391-square feet (known as “the doghouse” and “the closet”, but Nunez’s office denies Spitzer is being punished and but claim the move is to accommodate other lawmakers who want bigger offices.


I’ll bet the latter is an excuse to engage in the former.

Oh, please. I think Chris Prevatt does a better job of putting things into perspective at The Liberal OC.

Red County’s all a buzz, and Jubal’s panties are all in a bunch, over Assemblymember Spitzer’s assignment of new quarters. It seems that Speaker Nunez needed to assign larger quarters to a member with a larger staff than Spitzer. So to that end, Spitzer was downsized to smaller quarters.

The Republicans are screaming that Spitzer is being punished, for opposing the Speaker on some legislative issues. If that were the case, I think the move would have occurred long ago. Speaking out against Democrats and the Speaker is nothing new for Spitzer, and last I checked there was no recent power shift in the Assembly.

Anyway, I cannot understand all the fuss. I thought Republicans endorsed the downsizing of government. I guess that theory doesn’t hold true in when it is applied to one of their own.

Yes, what’s so bad about downsizing? I thought that Republicans love the idea of shrinking government. Oh wait, they don’t anymore? I guess that’s why they’re so angry about Todd Spitzer’s leaner, meaner, more efficient, and less wasteful office. ; )