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Days of Change Approaching for SF Elections?

If you peruse the virtual pages of BeyondChron, you’ll see a couple of articles that dovetail quite nicely together.  The first is a story by Randy Shaw with the idea that either former Board President Matt Gonzalez or Sup. Chris Daly will run against Mayor Newsom.  Otherwise, why did Daly bother with scheduling a “Progressive convention” for June 1?

The second is an articlce by Paul Hogarth, which lays out the very sound basis for an argument that SF will be a very, very fertile grounds for ballot propositions in June 2008.  Mark Leno’s decision not to challenge Gavin Newsom (a decision that Chris Daly seems to have strongly disagreed with) and instead challenge Carole Migden will ensure strong turnout in the more progressive eastern half of the City while there will be no major elections in the Western half (or as I like to call the Sunset…the place that elected Ed Jew.)

So, two races might become more interesting. The Mayoral race might well…become a race, and SD-03 might not grate on the nerves of Carole Migden’s progressive supporters quite so much given the chance for some real structural reform via the ballot box.