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San Francisco Blockbuster

When I was filling in the tags, I realized that there really is nothing this story is missing. First, it has Dan Noyes:

But, from reading the twelve hundred page final report from the internal affairs investigation into the video and the officers behind it, it turns out [San Francisco Police Officers Association President Gary] Delagnes was the one who blew the whistle on the officers involved in the video.

Noyes has been all over the $20 lawsuit from the cops who took the fall:

Waukeen McCoy wants to depose the mayor about his admitted alcohol abuse that came to light in January during the City Hall sex scandal. The attorney says he also wants to question Newsom under oath and on camera about cocaine use, and release the tapes to the public.

When the cops dropped their youtube attack ad I figured this might get interesting, but the more that comes out the crazier the whole thing gets. In other news, in conjunction with Chris Daly’s Convention, there will be an entire Film Festival for youtube hit jobs against the mayor.