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Get Active for Change With Obama OC!

Check out Obama OC’s web site for more on how you can get involved in the Barack Obama campaign here in Orange County! : )

Were you inspired by what Barack Obama had to say to Democrats in San Diego last month? Have you been amazed by all the grassroots energy behind the Obama campaign in California? Are you captivated by the Illinois Senator and what he’s accomplished? And would you now like to get involved?

Well, if you’re in Orange County, there are plenty of opportunities coming up for you to get involved! Follow me after the flip for all the details…

Tonight at 7:00 PM, we’ll be having our Obama OC Countywide Volunteer Meeting. We’ll be talking about what we can do here in OC to spread Barack Obama’s message of hope, action, and change. And of course, we’ll be talking about upcoming actions such as the “Walk for Change” canvasses!

So what can we expect on these canvass walks? Here’s how the folks at Obama for America explain it:

Think of a canvass as a neighborhood walk. Canvasses happen when a group of people get together and go door to door to homes and apartments in a selected neighborhood to spread the message about Barack Obama.

Movements are created one person, one house at a time. One or two individuals can canvass an entire neighborhood and build real support for our campaign to change America.

Your goal in the canvass is to make personal connections with other people who might not know as much about Barack Obama. You are the face of the campaign in your community.

So do you want to be the face of the Obama campaign in your community? Do you want to talk to your neighbors about this different kind of campaign? Would you like to make connections with other people in your area who may not know very much about Barack Obama? Well, then June 9 is your chance to walk for change!

Well, before you get out and walk for change, please check out these events coming up!

Beach Cities for Obama Planning Meeting on June 2 at 12:00 PM in Huntington Beach

New Hampshire Debate Watching Party on June 3 at 6:00 PM in Huntington Beach

Walk for Change Training on June 6 at 7:00 PM in Orange

And here are some of the many Walk for Change events happening in Orange County:

Santa Ana at 9:30 AM

Orange at 12:00 PM

Huntington Beach at 12:00 PM

Los Alamitos at 10:00 AM

Fullerton at 12:00 PM

Irvine at 11:00 AM

Laguna Beach at 12:00 PM

Lake Forest at 11:00 AM

Laguna Niguel at 9:00 AM

So are you ready to get out and make some change?! : )