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Open Thread

And we’re back with a hip hop revival.

In your news roundup, San Diego women’s prison Las Colinas will close by order of a grand jury which found the overcrowding to have reached “barely humane” levels, whatever that means. 

Pre-trial hearings began today for Lt. Col. Jeffrey Chessani, the commanding officer of the Marines involved in the Haditha killings.  On the menu: violation of an order and dereliction of duty.  Contrary to what I’m sure many on the Right wish was popular opinion, nobody wins in this.

And finally, our good friend Ruben Navarrette has a perplexing analysis of low-skill jobs and immigration.  He spends the first half of his op-ed establishing that Americans don’t want low wage jobs, and that they indeed look down on such jobs.  Then he dives right into the notion that maybe low-skilled workers would be better off if they got more skills.  Huh? Didn’t you just tell us that the problem was that America’s home-grown workforce was overskilled?  So your conclusion is, people need more skills?  He falls into the classic trap of “they’re stealing our jobs” blowhards while seemingly trying to refute it.  Nobody actually knows of large numbers of people who can’t get jobs because of immigrants, they just hear tell of them.  Yet they must be real, and I guess they need to call Lincoln Tech.

15 years after their last sighting, X-Clan is putting weak MCs on notice.  Now dance to the rhythm of the evolved drum.  X-Clan – Weapon X.
“You can be a strange fruit and be straight innocent.”