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Farewell California

I’ve had a good six year stay, but in July I’m moving away to start a new job. Instead of being a California Progressive I’ll be a Massachusetts Liberal. 🙂

Good luck saving the state from $chwarzenegger. If they try to pull any redistricting nonsense I’ll still have up the site on my way to redistrict.

Have fun in the sun. Put up more PV and wind. Enjoy the outdoors and open spaces while we still have them. Move at least 30 feet above sea level, just in case.

Don’t eat anything bigger than your head. But bite off more than you can chew and hold on until the beast dies. Grr!

Robert Salladay says Good Bye Cruel World

While some people mistakenly think the blogs are to newspapers as Craigslist was to classifieds — that thinking is totally wrong. The blogs thrive on news, we are all news junkies, and all of us have favorite reporters. One of my favorites (of many) was Bob Salladay. While I wish him the best of luck, I’m sorry to see this.

And most of you other reporters who don’t write “America’s (cough) Finest Blog” have plenty of fans. And we’ll miss you if you leave. I wish there were an easy answer to save the papers as my retirement strategy involves me, a porch, coffee and all the papers. I was hoping (then old man) Salladay would be part of my plan, but woe is me.

UPDATE by Brian: Hey Bob! You know you are welcome to post here anytime. You don’t even have to write all that good libruhl stuff that we normally spout here. There’ll be a user account waitin’ for ya!