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CA-37: Get Your Debate On! See the Candidates for Yourself!

Do you want to know what Jenny Oropeza thinks about health care? Do you want to know how Laura Richardson would work for civil rights for all? Do you want to know how Peter Mathews would end the occupation of Iraq? Well, you’ll have a chance to find out all of this and more on June 14!

LBPost.com, Charter Communications, and the Long Beach Democratic Club are co-sponsoring a debate among ALL THE DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES running to fill the vacated seat in the 37th Congressional District. If you live anywhere from Carson to Long Beach, then you’ll definitely want to come to this. Come, and see for yourself what the candidates have to say about the issues that you care about most.

Follow me after the flip for all the details on next week’s debate…

Please RSVP for the debate HERE!

Cabrillo High School
2001 Santa Fe Ave
Long Beach, CA 90810
(562) 951-7700

Here’s the map of the school.

This event is free and open to the public! All they ask is that you show up by 6:30 PM. There, isn’t that easy? And isn’t that worth making an informed decision for such an important election? : )