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Getting Dirty in SF’s City Hall

(The SF Sentinel is reporting that Supervisor Peskin has removed Sup. Daly as Chair of the Budget Cmte and appointed himself in Daly’s stead. – promoted by Brian Leubitz)

Some “grassroots moderates” in SF are going after Supervisor Chris Daly. Apparently, they consider affordable housing and social services as “robbery.” Here’s the quote:

Supervisor Chris Daly has robbed the City to the tune of $30 million, doubling next year’s budget deficit. Daly’s raids might force the Board of Supervisors to raise taxes in order to alleviate future deficits.

Um, so, for future reference, I should point out that alleging criminality is what we in the legal profession call libel per se.  In other words, you can’t do that.  So, I hope the California Urban Issues Project has a few bucks in reserve.  Sure, SF is used to some rough politics, but accusing a supervisor of literally stealing $30 million is beyond the pale.

Now, a little background, as I understand it.  The Mayor’s Budget cut $33 million for affordable housing. And, unsuprisingly, Supervisor Daly wants to put it back. A reasonable idea, given that the median home price in the city just crossed the $900,000 mark. Well, Gavin Newsom’s downtown allies, the CUIP-SF are riding herd on the whole deal. But, apparently, the CUIP thinks that affordable housing is well, a crime. If I got any of that wrong, well, shoot me an email or leave a comment.

I wonder if Ed Jew was in on this.