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Militant Open Thread With San Diego Quarterly

The Calitics Quarterly Blograisers will be upon us in no time, and here’s numero uno.  The San Diego Calitics.com 3rd Quarter Blograiser will be held on September 19, 7pm at Firehouse American Eatery and Lounge in Pacific Beach.  We’ll have bloggers. We’ll have activists. We’ll have candidates for office. We’ll have others of note. We’ll have both alcohol AND food.  And you can’t beat that with a bat.

Tonight on the flip we’re dropping some new music from a classic source. Underlying message? You betcha.  Tonight with double the lyrical pleasure.  Public Enemy – Harder Than You Think

“Yo, what’s up with that brotha Chuckie D? He swear he nice.
I said ‘The brotha don’t swear he nice, he KNOWS he nice.’ Ya know what I’m sayin?
So Chuck I got the feeling you’re turning into a Public Enemy man.”

“Bring the Noise is the moment they feared. Get up and throw your hands in the air. Get up and show no fear. Get up if y’all really care.”

Calitics Quarterly Santa Monica – One Hell of a Party

So if you built a bar, invited Digby, John Amato from Crooks and Liars, Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, SteveAudio, RJ Eskow of HuffPo, Todd Beeton of MyDD, members of the Russ Warner for Congress campaign, Drinking Liberally Westside LA, thereisnospoon, hekebolos, vernonlee, some CDP delegates, Calitics commenters like Zack from the SFV and Tim Goodrich, a whole mess of SoCal Kossacks like Shockwave and shayera and Major Danby and BruinKid and more, and ME… and had them come together to raise money for some great California candidates and have a blast…

Then you would have some indication of how it went last night.

We had lots of fun and energized the LA blogging community.  We have so many great bloggers here, but a lot of them focus on national issues.  It was great to have them out to support the local scene.  And of course, it was great to meet and thank Digby for all of her incredible work (from what I hear, those going to a certain convention in Chicago in August may get a chance to do that as well).  There was a parent who brought his 17 year-old daughter to the bar just to meet her!

It was a fabulous night.  Pics (besides this great picture of Digby with dday-edit by Brian) on the flip:

skippy, John Amato (Crooks & Liars)

vernonlee, thereisnospoon

hekebolos, Todd Beeton, Suzanne Savage from ACLU-Southern CA

shayera, Leighton Woodhouse (SEIU)

Digby holds court with hekebolos and thereisnospoon

Shockwave, thereisnospoon

dday, Todd Beeton