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Blogosphere –Opportunity to give my people the representation deserved.

In the midst of all the hoopla over bitter Vitter, transplant Jindal and freezer king Jefferson, do not lose hope, my people!

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  I am Gilda Reed and I am running for the U.S. House of Representatives in Louisiana’s 1st District to give my people the representation they deserve.  All of us are Katrina survivors.  We must have a Democrat who feels the pulse of the people.  Republicans have held the seat for 30 years and it is time for a change.  Government is supposed to be of the people, by the people and for the people—not a government created by the rich to protect their own interests.  Over 90% of our Congress members are millionaires.  I have no ill will for rich folks and can properly represent them.  However, I do not know too many who have walked a mile in the shoes of my constituents.  How can a person empathize when he/she is so far removed from our wants, needs and desires?  A few courtesy visits, handshakes and empty rhetoric are not what we need.  My people need me, one of their own, to fight for them.

Am I up to the task?  You bet I am. 

Besides being a lifelong resident of District 1, I am the dedicated mother of 7 children, including 2 adopted with special needs, the grandmother of 11, and the teacher of thousands of university students.  With a polio disability, I raised my large family and earned a Ph.D. in Applied Biological Psychology at the same time.  Then I went on to teach more classes at the University of New Orleans at 1 time than any of my colleagues.  During Katrina, I did not miss a beat and recorded all lectures for the semester so that my students could hear what they would have heard if there were buildings to house them.  To this day, I am still fighting for the rights of my adopted children with disabilities.  So I am accustomed to weathering adversity.  Washington will be a piece of cake compared to all of this.

Why would a happy, squeaky-clean wife of 40 years, mother, grandmother and teacher jump into the shark-infested waters of politics?  I am tired of whining.  Every semester I teach my students that if they do not like something, they should get off their rear ends and DO something to make a change.  I am only practicing what I teach.  Our senior citizens need a break, our children need a break, our working middle class needs a break, our small business owners need a break.  The Iraq War must end.  Quality health care must be available for all Americans.  Illegal immigration must halt.  Erosion of our rights afforded by the Constitution must stop.  Fiscal responsibility must return.  World respect must be re-earned.

There is a small problem with this tall order.  Money.  Name recognition and fighting a wealthy, well-oiled machine takes plenty of it.  So many of my constituents are burdened and numb, so I must reach out beyond my district and state for support.  If you believe in a true democracy, if you want to help a struggling corner of America to return to normalcy, if you want to help dethrone a Republican—please donate to the Gilda Reed Campaign.  I plan to win.  Given all the news of late and the hypocrisy that screams out, it is time for an honorable person above the fray to become elected.  Please be part of the victory that is due my people. 

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