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What Is Wasteful?

OK, I can't stop thinking about this. All the Orange County Supervisors claim to be good “fiscal conservatives” who are “responsible” in spending our tax dollars. John Moorlach says that current pension benefits for county deputy sheriffs are “irresponsible” and “illegal under state law”.  Janet Nguyen tells us that we need a “county services office” in order to better serve taxpayers in Westminster. Now isn't THAT wasteful?

But then, this problem isn't just at the county level. In Sacramento, the Republicans in the State Senate think it's OK to “balance” the budget on the backs of the poor and needy.They decry health care for poor children as “wasteful spending”, and then do whatever they can to preserve tax breaks for the ultrarich and mega corporations that aren't really needed. Is that their priority? Is it really more important that the ultrarich get tax breaks than poor kids getting health care? 

Follow me after the flip for more as I wonder what exactly can be considered “wasteful”…

So why is helping those that can't help themselves “wasteful”? And why is helping those who really don't need any more help “prudent”? I don't get it.


I don't get how Republicans always miss the point of government. When we fight back against draconian cuts to services that are needed by the working poor who have difficulty helping themselves, we're chided as “fiscally irresponsible”. When we rail against pension cuts for hardworking public servants, we're called “imprudent”. But when we catch them padding budgets with pork projects and tax breaks for their superrich sugar daddies, they say we're not “economically minded”. And when we catch them spending public funds to help them get reelected, they say that we're on a “political witch hunt”.

So that's it. I've had enough of the Republican wasteful spending. I've had enough of them lecturing us on “fiscal responsibility”, while they treat our tax dollars like their piggy banks to dispose of whenever they want. I've had enough of them coddling their uber-wealthy patrons with pork and tax breaks while our poor neighbors go without health care as they struggle to pay the rent and feed their families. I just hope I'm not the only one outraged by all this Republican waste.