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Open Thread

To be honest, I am not feeling particularly inspired to write something today.  There is not too much new to report on, plus I have been busy working on this site.  So here are few random thoughts and links.

  • Arnold is spending his birthday working on the budget, which he wouldn’t have had to do if he had engaged earlier on the issue.
  • Debra Bowen held the big hearing on the voting machines today.  Meyers is probably right about where this is heading.  I don’t think there is enough time to totally pull the machines before the election and have a reasonable replacement.  Now that we know where the vulnerabilities lie, we need to find ways to protect the machines for the near future, while we figure out a long term solution.
  • CMR has a response post by Mike Heald of the Western Law and Poverty Center up to an erranous Flash Report piece on Cal-WORKS.
  • I really do need to make it to my favorite indy music store to buy the new album from Tegan and Sara “The Con” here is a slide show with the first single “