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Are You Seeing Any Bumperstickers?

I’ve seen only a handful of presidential bumperstickers in Los Angeles the last few months. I’ve been waiting for those dreadful “Kerry Edwards” things to come off on the Dem side, but the pickings have been slim. What have you seen?

This weekend in Hollywood and Toluca Lake I saw a Rudy sticker, all by itself, a Fred Thompson sticker amidst Human Rights Campaign and “Don’t Test on Animals” stickers, and a John McCain sticker along side a UC Berkeley emblem. What gives? I had my Dean For America sticker flying from April 03 and replaced it in January 04 with a DFA sticker. I think I’ve seen exactly 2 Obama stickers and MAYBE one for Hillary. What’s happening here?  Are people still not decided? or am I driving around the wrong areas? What’s happening where you are?