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Exclusive Interview with Sarah R. Carter of the Carter for Senate Campaign

I was lucky enough to get an exclusive audio interview at Political Interviews with Sarah R. Carter, the talented young woman who has become the Blogsphere voice of the Jack Carter for Senate campaign.

With her influence,I’m sure, we had a former President join the Blogsphere one day then come back to answer some questions that were posed to him.

In my opinion, Sarah is positive proof of the power of a Campaign Blogger. The fact that she is family as well makes it that much more interesting.

The California angle? Well, as she pointed out to me, we don’t have a competitive Senate race this year and the Carter Campaign intends to invite us back to Nevada for their primary and General elections. For those focused on the Senate, Nevada is a real opportunity to pick up a seat.

Listen for yourself. She is a fascinating person who is having a real impact on the campaign while balancing a lot of other things in her life.

Her interview in both Flash Audio and Mp3 is at Political Interviews.