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New Kind of Political Video talking TO the candidate..just watch

There is a new Wes Clark video that is very unusual at YouTube. Instead of talking about a candidate, in this case Wes Clark, it speaks directly to Wes Clark. I hope this really does go viral. I feel it has a message that Wes Clark needs to hear.

Beyond that impact on Clark himself I think this is the beginning of the ability of a group, individual or campaign to create their own channel that will talk directly to the candidate or from the candidate to the public…with no press editing. I’ll be posting more on this topic as it can impact local, regional, state and federal races.

The full channel name is YouTube/Polcampaign. There is only one video there at least for the moment. I will be putting this on my blogs. I hope other blog owners and members do the same.

This is not a 100% declaration of support for a Clark candidacy on my part.While most know I was heavily involved in the Draft and Campaign, I’m trying to keep an Open Mind for a couple of our declared candidates as they make their case. But I want to listen to Wes Clark too. I firmly believe he will elevate the campaign once in the game. And I think this video may help in that effort.

If Wes Clark again gets a firm demonstration of his built-in support perhaps it will impact his decision making. While most of us expect him to run, based on his own comments, I believe this is a time to demonstrate his support. Circulating this video is one easy way to make the support obvious..and elevate the campaign discussion at the same time. A great President can only help California, the US and the world. I’m all for having all the good people in the race!

‘The New Primaries’…a Disaster in the Making?

[Originally published at The Political Dogfight as part one of four this is a slightly edited version.]

I seriously question the value of the new Primary System developed by the DNC then jumped on by other opportunistic states. February 5, 2008 looms large as a result of these changes.

David Brooks recently had a column about the advice he had for Republican candidates. It was his contention that all the primaries on Feb. 5, 2008 wouldn’t be the decisive ones. He still thought the traditional first three primaries would set the media tone. And he thought the Media tone would set the race on the first Tuesday of Feb.

While I don’t agree that the first three primaries will decide the race, and I don’t agree with Brooks in general, I think he is absolutely right about a slightly different topic: Media Tone

Think of the situation today as seen in the daily papers and on the news programs! According to them there are only 3 real candidates in the race: Senator Clinton, Senator Obama and John Edwards…and John Edwards is coming in a weak third in terms of media coverage. (Or his was until the unfortunate announcement of his wife’s recurring health issues.]

This issue of Media Tone/Media Noice is the real problem.

A few candidates are sucking the Media Oxygen out of the atmosphere and leaving other truly qualified candidates without the ‘free’ media (news) that they need to become more widely known. If this is happening to John Edwards think of the others.

Think of Joe Biden or Chris Dodd. Whether they are your favorites or not, they deserve to be heard and considered. Each of them has substantive experience and each is just as substantive as Hillary Clinton, Obama and John Edwards.

  (More on this topic another time: Rhetoric vs Substance and Goverance in the Election of 2008. )

Will candidates that aren’t getting the ‘free’ media of the Clinton’s etc., have even a fighting chance in 2008? Will they be able to raise the $25-$40Million they need by the fall? If they can’t will this silence voices that should be heard?

I think that forshortening the race does the country and the party a diservice. Now we have an Invisible Primary already in progress with people being labeled winners and losers….and it’s all in the media’s programming…’s pure Media Noise.

Since it has no actual voting today, this Primary, since it’s all in the Media and nowhere else, I call ‘The Invisible Primary’. And that Invisible Primary is in full swing.

I despair that we will again nominate people who seem great in short primary seasons,(Gore who was annointed and Kerry who came from nowhere in the most unusual Primary in memory), and then we saw they didn’t have an Authentic voice on the campaign trail! They didn’t know how to remove the Political Mask.

I believe that the American people hunger for an Authentic Voice, not the politicians mask that so many wear and use to speak. My desired outcome would be to have a nominee with an Authentic voice that is backed by large scale experience and augmented by roadmaps to tangible goals with benchmarks built in to those roadmaps.

Rhetoric, however seductive, will not win. Fundraising shouldn’t be a qualifier either for the nominee.

  This is Part 1 of more to come on ‘The Invisible Primary’. Stay tuned for more parts and metrics on the numerics of February 5, 2008.

National: Olbermann Video “Have You No Decency Sir?”

While this is a California site and has a great California focus, I believe we need to bring to the largest possible audience, with every blog at our disposal, the messages that Keith Olbermann is sending to the American People and to the Bush Administration.

I just saw on Pay per View, since I’ve given up on civilized behavior in movie theatres, ‘V for Vendetta’. On top of the first episode of Keith Olberaman speaking out it gave me the chills.

Now we know for a fact that this is a coordinated effort to place fear at the center for the final 61 days if our campaigns. We must show every volunteer these words so they can know if they have any doubt.

I have the full video at Political Dogfight and the first Olbermann video at Political Interviews. I hope the people who see these who don’t have as many years as I do realize the chances that Olbermann is taking by speaking for us.

Angelides within 6pts—-Dispute this one!

For the GODDDAMN doomdayers that are registered as California Democrats, and they were our worst enemy in CA-48’s Special Election last year where I was Staff Communications Director [far more than the Republican in the race], here’s more proof that this race is close.

Last week I quoted on Calistics, a California Blog, that Zogby/WSJ poll had the race within 4pts and was shouted down that it was an interactive online poll and meant nothing. Bullshit.

Here’s a poll that no one can dispute, although the GODDAMN California Democrats will find away to cause trouble instead of getting involved and helping, (Do I sound just a little pissed off?  Sorry):

In California, One Race Close, One Not

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) is maintaining a six-point
lead over challenger Phil Angelides (D), according to a new Rasmussen Reports poll. Schwarzenegger currently beats Angelides 48% to 42%.

Meanwhile, in the U.S. Senate race, Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) is crushing state Sen. Richard Mountjoy (R), 56% to 34%.

Hat tip to Political Wire. If you’re not reading Political Wire 3-4 times daily…you’re not in politics.

crossposted at Political Dogfight. A blog with over 430 posts of substance.

Olbermann…An American Defending America

At Political Interviews I have the full video of the moment when maybe the sea really did change and the Admin began it’s fall. The full transcript is on the jump. The Video is in Flash format with an autostart so if you have audio you are in the deal.

I’ve seen this happen once before….when Walter Cronkite publically turned against the War in Vietnam. It was the beginning of the end. This may be the same thing.

At Political Dogfight is more commentary and the emails to use to support Keith Olbermann.

Watch this if you haven’t…it’s better resolution and more like the TV show than You Tube.

It truly was an enthralling moment last night. This one will be talked about for years if not decades.

Olberman was right. This is a democracy. Barely.

And we have to fight for what’s left when Administration figures demand unthinking
loyalty and question the patriotism and intelligence of those who may ask questions or dissent.

I try hard. But if you don’t read and watch…it means nothing.

Why should this be on a California blog? Because we are all Americans first.

Phil within 4.7% (Zobgy/WSJ) Some Terrible Campaign eh?

(while there are some questions about zogby, i think the race will be close. – promoted by SFBrianCL)

I get so sick of hearing how bad Phil A. is campaigning when it’s obvious he’s more interested in actual voters than media attention at this time. That’s GOOD campaigning. While the lead that Phil initially had BEFORE Gov. Muscles started campaigning has slipped it is a very good indicator that the margin is this close at this time.

Even though I have a LOT of experience I’ve kept my mouth shut because I’m over involved in Federal Campaigns.

But now we have a new Zogby/Wall Street Journal poll that should put to rest the TERRIBLE CAMPAIGN MEME. Phil A. within 4.7% with a MOE of 3%. And the WSJ doesn’t do junk polls.

You don’t have a terrible campaign and be this close before Labor Day. Phil is making huge connections up and down this state with actual voters and not relying on TV just yet. Eventually he’ll have to and I hope he brings his A game to that effort.

Yet it’s my conviction that he will do better overall be doing the one thing that all the Republican winners have done for years, up to Gov. Muscles, and that’s press the flesh until they couldn’t stand it and press it somemore.

There’s even a name for campaigning up and down Hwy 99. It’s the ‘Pete Wilson Strategy’ as it energizes an entire voting block that is usually forgotten by Democratic candidates as the area isn’t a Democratic  strong hold.

Yet Phil is up and down the Great Valley without stop and into the Coast as well.

More power to him. Use the media when you need to but press the flesh of an actual voter whenever you can. Too many Democrats have forgotten the basics of winning elections, IMHO, and that’s one.

Exclusive Interview with Sarah R. Carter of the Carter for Senate Campaign

I was lucky enough to get an exclusive audio interview at Political Interviews with Sarah R. Carter, the talented young woman who has become the Blogsphere voice of the Jack Carter for Senate campaign.

With her influence,I’m sure, we had a former President join the Blogsphere one day then come back to answer some questions that were posed to him.

In my opinion, Sarah is positive proof of the power of a Campaign Blogger. The fact that she is family as well makes it that much more interesting.

The California angle? Well, as she pointed out to me, we don’t have a competitive Senate race this year and the Carter Campaign intends to invite us back to Nevada for their primary and General elections. For those focused on the Senate, Nevada is a real opportunity to pick up a seat.

Listen for yourself. She is a fascinating person who is having a real impact on the campaign while balancing a lot of other things in her life.

Her interview in both Flash Audio and Mp3 is at Political Interviews.

President Carter Gives Us Great Ammo to Use!

crossposted from The Political Dogfight

In his second DKos diary, former President Jimmy Carter was answering questions that had been posted in his first diary about his son Jack’s run for the Nevada Senate seat. Amazing…just like you would expect….he came back like a Southern Gentleman and answered those he found most important or interesting to him.

One question was what a Blue State resident to do to help the elections in a Red State. Essentially he said that he had been asked by a schoolgirl why she should be a Democrat. He asked her the following questions and suggests we do the same to everyone who questions our cause:

  • I asked her a series of questions that all bloggers should use in
  • Do you prefer peace or war?
  • Do favor tax breaks for the
    richest Americans or working families?
  • Would you rather destroy the
    environment or protect it?
  • Do you approve the torture of prisoners?
  • Do
    you think our government should secretly spy on your family?
  • Do you
    think we should abandon every nuclear arms control agreement negotiated
    since Dwight Eisenhower was president?
  • Do you approve of your part of
    the national debt now being $28,000 and increasing by $300 each month?
  • Do you think we should meld religion and government?

She gave me the
Democratic answer to all the questions, and I believe that most
Americans will agree, no matter if their state is red or blue.

The Big Dog agrees with President Carter completely. Like my Easy Points series I wrote last year where every issue was poll validated and every issue was supported by a majority of American across party lines, it is this kind of forward thinking, forward thinking that we need to carry in our minds or on a small wallet sized card so we get the words right.

Few really want what we have today. It is just so bloody hard for anyone to admit that 15-20 year of beliefs have lead them and our nation to the near collapse of our freedom.

Is that an overstatement? Yes…most likely. But I hate the ‘most likely’ part of it.
Think of these and memorize them if you can…then the next time someone starts to disagree ask them if you can simply pose a series of easy questions and get their honest answers. It could be one of our most powerful tools.   TBD

An Open Letter to the People Making Me Nuts

(The Big Dog is a little cranky. That’s OK. We all get cranky sometimes. I’m cranky all the time. But he’s right. Sometimes you just gotta cowboy up and do what needs doing. – promoted by jsw)

To the Goddamn People Making Me Nuts…an Open Letter.

[This is meant less for this people at Calitics…but I think it needs circulation. Repost at will. TBD.]

We are in a war. I don’t mean Iraq, athough that’s a reality too, but a war within this party that is driving me completely nuts. (That may not be a far drive according to some…but that’s another story…) We are in a war to Take Back The House and save our Constitution.

I read on a daily basis, Daily Kos, MyDD, SwingState at least and usually several more including My Left Wing. I find more and more Party hatred at exactly the time when we need the unity of all Democrats and Independents more than we have since the Elections of 1968. Oh, you don’t remember the elections of 1968?

I do. Humphry versus Nixon. Kent State. Chicago Convention. Dead, literally, in the Streets. Blood flowing in more than one state. Some of it mine. Continuation of the VN War versus a humane view that might have ended it sooner.

Do you know the margin of victory that carried the Electoral College? Oh that’s right….you don’t remember the election and probably haven’t studied Practical Politics, have you? Oh….you just got into politics in 2002?
Well, my fault for assuming you would at least have studied the exisiting literature on how to win an election.

Nixon, that miserable excuse for a human who was so twisted he scared his own people, won by ONE VOTE PER PRECINCT! Yep. One vote per precinct.

Now we face the possibilty, the good possibility of Taking Back The House, and we spend our time online fucking around with Cegelis and Duckworth….the DCCC being evil…The DLC controlling the Party (when they don’t even have a say)…the Vets running for office being above reproach when the House and Senate used to be nearly universally made up of Veterans and too many other things to recite.

So I’ve got a suggestion:
Get off your asses and get into the streets for some candidate or another and knock on a door. If there isn’t one in your area you can work for then call Francine Busby’s office  and volunteer for Virtual Phone Banking or Mike LaFevers office in FL-13 or one you are going to hear a lot about soon Stacey Tallitsch in Lousiana-1 (New Orleans). Get off your ASSES! One vote per precinct made the difference once, it could again in 2006 and 2008.

The difference in 2006 and 2008 won’t be made on the Blogs, much as I love them, but on the streets helping people register to vote, request an Absentee Ballot, making them even remember the election, raise money, making phone calls, sending letters, stuffing envelopes and a hundred other tasks it takes to win a Congressional or Presidential Election.

You can howl at the moon, which is fine after the work is done and the top shelf tequila is out, but not when you really want to make a difference. Making a difference means doing all sorts of things you really don’t want to do.

Doorknocking isn’t fun. Canvassing at a supermarket isn’t fun. Stuffing envelopes isn’t fun. Making 100-200 phonecalls isn’t fun. But those are the things that will win elections!

If you are convinced the Party needs to be re-made…more power to you. But that takes years. Ask Gov. Dean. That is a very long term process. The 2006 elections are only 227 days away! Have you done every thing you can so far?

Most of us haven’t. So get started. It doesn’t have to be a fulltime obsession…give the Candidate a few hours each weekend and the Field Director will think you are a hero!

Be sure we don’t lose by one vote per precinct. If we work hard enough…we can win the House…and then we can start lots of things that will give the Republicans hives! Think investigations.  It can’t be done without you.

Remember John Kennedy’s famous line:
"Ask not what your country can do for you, but rather what you can do for your country."

I guess it sounds like bullshit today. It didn’t then…

CA-24:Now He’s Out/Now He’s In…Now He’s Sick/Now He’s Not

Well the Republican incumbent, Gallegly, has dropped out too late and now has jumped back in….it’s like watching a tennis match. What illness could have driven him out that got cured that quick but still may not allow him to move at ‘1,000 miles an hour’? Hmmm….sounds like a campaign theme to me….

<Sigh>….my neck hurts from this one. And I bet his ass hurts from the kicking it got between last week and this one. My best bet is that he wins the General then resigns and causes a Special Election. <Sigh> We’re getting used to those…ask Francine Busby in CA-50.

Here’s the story from CQPolitics (sub)

CA 24: Gallegly To Run After All


This is an updated version of a story that was first posted on March 15 at 4:38 p.m.

California Republican Rep. Elton Gallegly announced this afternoon
that he will seek an 11th term this November — ending the confusion
caused by his sudden and ultimately unsuccessful retirement
announcement last Friday, just hours before the candidate filing
deadline in California’s 24th District.

Gallegly, who attributed his initial retirement decision to health
concerns, said at a press conference in Washington that he was given a
clean bill of health by John Eisold, the attending physician of the
Congress. Gallegly, 62, declined to specify his condition beyond saying
that medical examinations showed that “there is no catastrophic issue
that we have to deal with.”

Gallegly said some symptoms are persisting that that will keep him
from running “1,000 miles an hour,” but emphasized that he is “100
percent” and would wage an aggressive campaign for an 11th term — which
he also said would be his last.

“I will give it my full vigor the next two years as I have the previous twenty years,” he said.

Gallegly, who filed to run for re-election in February, had announced his
retirement under the mistaken belief that he could withdraw from the
ballot and that the candidate filing deadline would be extended by five
days. Neither action is allowed under state law. Upon learning this,
Gallegly said he spent “five days working” and “thousands of dollars
trying to find another way” to extend the filing deadline.

Gallegly said he received a call early today from President Bush,
who left a message inquiring about his health and urging the
congressman to run again if he felt well enough. Gallegly missed the
call but spoke with White House deputy chief of staff Karl Rove, Bush’s
top political adviser, who followed up on the president’s message and
assured Gallegly that the president was offering his full support for
Gallegly’s re-election.

Gallegly also used the press conference to quash some rumors
surrounding the circumstances leading up to his unusual announcement
last Friday. One was that Gallegly spoke to five potential successors
before announcing his retirement; the congressman said this was not the

Rep. David Dreier, who represents California’s 26th District and
chairs the Rules Committee, said that the California GOP delegation is
“gratified” that Gallegly has decided to run and that Republican
leaders will support his campaign. Dreier and other House Republicans
from California appeared with Gallegly at Tuesday’s press conference.

Gallegly will face lawyer Michael Tenenbaum in the June 6 GOP
primary. Tenenbaum, 37, planned to challenge Gallegly from the outset
and has criticized the incumbent’s record on fiscal policy.

Some local Republican officials who endorsed Tenenbaum after
Gallegly said he would retire may rescind their support now that
Gallegly has reversed his position. Gallegly said that he has received
calls from people who originally endorsed Tenenbaum but assured the
congressman that he is their preferred candidate.

Gallegly is favored to win re-election in the primary and in
November would face Jill Martinez, a Presbyterian minister and
affordable housing activist who is the only Democrat in the race.
President Bush in 2004 won 56 percent of the vote in the 24th District.

CQ rates the race as Safe Republican. Please visit CQ’s election forecaster for ratings on all races.