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Bush Administration “Mistakes were made” hits California

The Bush Administration’s Dept. of Interior “lost” the indian gaming agreements for three months, according to the SD U-T. So, the federal government didn’t even cast more than a cursory glance at them before they were approved by the federal government. I suppose it’s just one more chit in the incompetency jar for the Bush Administration. No worries, you’ll hardly notice it amongst all the others.  In fact, the Department’s Response was pretty much standard Bush operating procedure:

“Somebody made a mistake; we don’t know who,” said Nedra Darling, a spokeswoman for the Bureau of Indian Affairs, a branch of Interior. “This is a very busy office. There was a mistake made and we’re moving on.”

So, I guess it’s all over and done with, right? Oh, except the fact that we are left to deal with this POS in California. But, we’ll just move on, no need to fix the problems, or anything like that. Now, I think i’ve heard the phrase “mistakes were made” before, where was that? Ah, yes. Abu Gonzales.  That ended well.