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CA-12: Connecticut for Lieberman vs. Jackie Speier?

You have to be a complete fool to claim to be a Democrat and then package in your campaign trial balloon a prepared statement of praise from Joe Lieberman.  Anyone you has been paying any attention knows that is the kiss of death in Democratic politics, especially in a blue seat in a major blue geographic area effectively serviced by mass transit. I’m surprised we haven’t seen any quotes (yet) from Dan Gerstein.

I don’t have a problem with people who worked for Lieberman running for office, but there needs to be an apology right off the bat so voters recognize that the candidate has learned the errors of their ways and is willing to take responsibility all those who have suffered due to their support for Bush’s main man in the senate.

But that isn’t the route Yul Kwon (CA for Leiberman) is taking. Nope, he seems to think Lieberman praising him makes him look good (like Bush, or like Brownie during his confirmation). That just isn’t the case. Speier v Yee would have been a hard fought but fair campaign. Yet anyone running on the Connecticut for Lieberman ticket in the Bay Area should expect far, far worse.

UPDATE: Even one of our friends at the California Majority Report agrees that, “being a former Lieberman staffer doesn’t really win one a lot of friends in the Democratic Party.”