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The Anti-Gay Marriage Initiative Gathers Steam

Coming soon to a ballot near you: A constitutional amendment banning marriage equality. Duh-duh-duh.

Every month for the last year or so, the hateful groups of California send Jerry Brown an initiative (PDF). Among this group, Randy Thommason, of the intolerant, anti-gay, and totally inaccurately named group Campaign for Children & Families, seems to be the leader.  But don’t forget about Sen Dennis Hollingsworth, who pretends to serve the 36th Senate district, is among the proponents of the initiative. And finally, Gail Knight, wife of the late Pete Knight who authored Prop 22 is also amongst the group. Incidentally, Pete’s son David Knight was married to his husband in the San Francisco marriages in 2004.

They’ve been waiting for the iron to get hot enough to strike. In other words, they need something to catalyze fundraising. With the recent marriage hearings, it appears they have found their go-time.  Before December 31, 2007, the proponents had only raised about $44,000, nowhere near enough to qualify the initiative.  Since that time, they have raised over $1.1 million in Late $5000+ contributions alone. While that amount of money does not guarantee ballot access, $2 million almost certainly does.

Equality for All is organizing a “Decline to Sign” campaign, and I have nothing but respect for the effort. However, we have to face the facts that this initiative is almost certain to get on the ballot with that sum of money. It seems the battle has been set for November 2008. Given that we very may well get a positive ruling on the marriage cases at the CA Supreme Court, we would be losing some very real rights.

In the coming days and weeks, Calitics will begin focusing on this initiative. We may ask for your help on this in a variety of ways, but keep your eyes open. This attack must be rebuffed in November, and that will require elected leaders, grassroots activists, and people who just care about their LGBT friends and neighbors to do everything they can to do from now until November 4.