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I Endorse and Support A Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq

(Congrats to Mr. Hedrick for endorsing the Responsible Plan. – promoted by Brian Leubitz)

When I began my campaign last year to represent California’s 44th Congressional District, I was motivated by the many policy failures of the Bush Administration embraced by the incumbent congressman. These included the President’s failure to provide a universal health care proposal, an education program designed to undermine our public schools, and trade agreements that have killed good jobs for working families. But personally, for me and my family, the most egregious disappointment has been this Administration’s failed policy in Iraq.

Edit by Brian: See the flip.

Like hundreds of thousands of other families with loved ones in the military, we have been keenly interested in this President’s course of action. Today my son is serving a second deployment with the Army’s 3rd ID east of Baghdad. Another son and daughter-in-law have served in Iraq as well. As a military family, we support our troops 100%; however it is past time to bring all of our sons and daughters home. This mission must be brought to a close.

Our fighting men and women have performed admirably in a tremendously challenging

environment and the U.S. military has already achieved its stated goal-defeating Saddam’s Army. Our troops verified long ago there were no weapons of mass destruction. There has been no need to stay in Iraq. However, our occupation has come at an enormous cost to our military, our economy and our national prestige. This ruinous war must end so that our military may be restored before they are needed to respond to real threats that may be thrust upon us.

This unilateral and preemptory war has damaged long-term American interests. The situation in Iraq will only improve when the Iraqis take responsibility, and that will not happen as long as our military remains there.

One year of the cost of this war could have funded health care, affordable housing, port security, university scholarships, and so many other services. Instead, we have purchased ill-will, less security for our citizens, and a weakened economy.

I endorse and support “A Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq” as a blueprint for a safe and orderly end to our military occupation. I look forward to working with congressional colleagues to implement the Plan and bring our troops home!