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McCain Gets an ‘F’ from Schwarzenegger Climate Advisor

Think Progress went ahead and connected all these dots, but suffice it to say that despite his blustering pronouncements blasting Sens. Clinton and Obama, McCain’s environmental policy isn’t exactly a model among Governor Schwarzenegger’s climate staff:

Terry Tamminen, an adviser on energy and environmental policy to California Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, looked at what the presidential candidates have said they’d do and graded them: She gave Clinton and Obama B’s, but McCain got an F because he hasn’t put out a specific plan.

As you may recall, Governor 44% (pdf) rather dramatically endorsed Sen. McCain shortly before the Feb. 5 primaries, promptly barnburning all over the place including an election day swing through San Diego.  The crux of the endorsement and the stumping was that McCain was a maverick, no-nonsense, get-er-done moderate blah blah blah.  I guess maybe the environment isn’t included in McCain’s moderation- at least by the standards in Schwarzenegger’s own office.

Think Progress adds a bunch of other great points- like endorser Mel Martinez giving McCain an “incomplete” based on his lack of policy specifics.  And notes that McCain, as usual, talks a better game than he legislates, since both Clinton and Obama have better records on the environmental legislation that’s actually IN the Senate.  Remember when there was concern over Obama’s lack of specifics? Anybody want to hold their breath until the media starts hammering McCain for the same?  Remember in 2000 when we got a president that lacked policy specifics?