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John McCain’s California Campaign Manager’s Sparkling Résumé

John W. McCain has set up a series of “regional campaign managers” who will oversee the campaign throughout the country.  Take a look at the guy they got for California.

John McCain’s campaign has tapped John Peschong to serve as regional campaign manager for California, Republicans close to the campaign said.

Peschong has been a campaign adviser since 2007. He has a large amount of experience in California, having served as GOP executive director there in the 1990s and recently as Northwestern political director for the Republican National Committee in 2004. He was also executive director of Dan Quayle’s political action committee.

So, he helped run the Yacht Party during the Wilson and post-Wilson years just when it ran aground and became the sorry shell it is today.  He was Northwestern political director for the RNC in a year where Republicans lost the swing states in the Pacific Northwest and lost the governorships in Washington and Oregon.  And he was executive director for QUAYLE’s PAC.

Top-notch talent coming out for McCain in California.