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(CA80AD) People Powered Assembly Candidate

The 80th Assembly District in California is one of the best pickup opportunities this year, and we have just the transformational candidate to make it happen. Manuel Pérez is a hands-on, no bs, Harvard-educated community organizer from the heart of the Coachella Valley, a direct, unapologetic progressive with experience in building a just and healthy society.  He won’t promise loyalty in Sacramento in exchange for support, he’s getting his mojo the time-honored way:  walking precincts, meeting with more union review committees, and he just participated in a podcast on Calitics.  

I’ve been posting on this race since last May, and have yet to compile the best quotes nor list the endorsers adequately.  Let’s kick it off with the  California Labor Federation, AFL-CIO:

Art Pulaski, Executive Secretary of the California Labor Federation, AFL-CIO:

Manuel Perez knows first hand the struggles of working families and will be a champion of healthcare, education and creating new jobs in the State Assembly.

Dancing Perezes

What Folks Are Saying About Manuel Perez, Democrat for the 80th Assembly District:

(Update, CA Federation of Teachers’ just chimed in)

Marty Hittelman, President of the California Federation of Teachers:

Manuel Perez is a real education champion – he’s a former classroom teacher, earned a Masters in Education from Harvard University and serves as a school board member helping struggling schools to succeed. Manuel fights every day to give kids the educational tools they  need to succeed in life and in the workplace.

Steve Clute, Former California State Assemblyman:

(Perez) has the heart – corazón – and passion to truly represent the people.

Fred W. Lowe, Business Manager/Secretary Treasurer for Laborers’ Local 777:

He is a strong and clear voice for the communities he serves, and is willing to fight for fundamental rights; fair pay; fair treatment and justice; protections and security for our families; access to health care; better education and better working conditions for the residents of the 80th Assembly District.

Harvard Graduate School of Education, announcing Manuel Perez as a recipient of the HGSE Alumni of Color Achievement Award:  

Mr. Perez is being recognized for his work, which addresses issues of race and education in ways that offer new frames of thought and practice, and evidences a commitment to promote meaningful strategies to affect change and to improve educational opportunities for people of color.

David Dayen, blogger at Calitics, Hullaballoo, and The Right’s Field:

This is someone who hasn’t waited around for higher office to make a difference in his community; he’s rolled up his sleeves and dived in.  As a director for the Borrego Community Health Foundation, he’s created one of the first diabetes resource centers in the desert region and has delivered health services to underserved regions.  As a researcher for the California Institute for Rural Studies, he put together a groundbreaking study on women’s reproductive health issues in Imperial County, where women have little opportunities and resources to manage their own health.  With Promotores, he’s part of a group of community-based leaders devoted to teaching  about health issues and making sure people in the community get the facts about programs at their disposal.  As a schoolteacher he started his school’s first ever Chicano Studies program designed to allow students to learn history from their perspective.  With the Eastern Coachella Valley Social Change Collaborative, he identified farm workers living in the area and trained them to be community leaders themselves.  Believe it or not, he’s only 34.

Manuel Pérez is not only a perfect fit for this district, providing an opportunity to retake this seat and get us closer to 2/3.  He represents a new generation of Hispanic-Americans who are dedicated to working for change from the bottom up.  He would bring to Sacramento a unique set of skills, as someone who can build coalitions and train a group of leaders far into the future.  There are primary candidates on the Democratic side for this seat who appear to be very nice.  I don’t think anyone combines the résumé and the hope for the future more than Manuel Pérez.

Joe Murillo, President,  Coachella Valley Unified School District Board:

(Perez) likes to see improvement. He is not a man for the status quo.

Partial List of Endorsers:

California Labor Federation, AFL-CIO

United Domestic Workers

California Teachers Association

SEIU State Council

Laborers (LIUNA)

California Nurses Association


California Medical Association

Former Congressman Esteban Torres, 34th Congressional District, California

Congressman John Conyers Jr. 14th Congressional District, Michigan

Congressman Raul Grijalva, 7th Congressional District, Arizona

State Senator Gloria Romero

Joe Coto, Assemblyman and Latino Caucus Chair

Steve Clute, Former Assemblyman and 80th AD Candidate, 2006

Tony Cardenas, Former Assemblyman, current Councilman City of Los Angeles

Paul M. Rasso, Candidate, 64th Assembly District

Victor Carrillo, Supervisor, Imperial County Board of Supervisors

Ray Castillo, Former Mayor, El Centro

Joel Perez, Former School Board Trustee, El Centro Elementary School District

George Nava, Council Member, City of Brawley

Chuck Valenzuela, Former Mayor and Treasurer, Brawley

Joe Murillo, President, Coachella Valley Unified School Board

Eduardo Garcia, Mayor, City of Coachella

Steve Hernandez, Council member, City of Coachella

Tim Brown, City Manager, City of Coachella

Steve Brown, Assistant City Manager, City of Coachella

Carlos Campos, Attorney, City of Coachella

Jackie Lopez, Executive Director, City of Coachella Chamber of Commerce

Carlos Ortega, City Manager, City of Palm Desert

Mike Wilson, Councilmember, City of Indio

Maria Machuca, Former Chair, Mecca Community Council

Sal Alejo, Member, Mecca Community Council

Jennifer Baker, President, California Latino School Board Association

Alice A. Huffman, President, California State Conf. of the NAACP

Fred Lowe, Union Rep., LIUNA, Laborer’s Local 777

Jose Mejia, Director, Laborer’s International Union of North America

Antonio Tirado, Chairman of the Imperial County Democratic Central Committee

Michael Rosenfeld, Former President, CVTA

Richard Razo, Union Rep, CVTA

Bonifacio Hernandez, Union Rep, CVTA

Dale Wissman, Union Rep, CSEA

Don MacCready, CSEA

Joe Mota, Former Director, UFW

Juan Carlos Sanchez, DSCC Delegate & Community Organizer

Beth Caskie,  local Democratic activist / DSCC Delegate for the 80th AD

Ruben Gonzalez, President, Coachella Valley Voters League

Inez Cardoza Freeman, Volunteer of the Year, Democrats of the Desert

Amalia DeAztlan, Delegate, National Democratic Committee

Jose Carmona, Principal, Verde Group, Sacramento, CA

Rafael Aguilera, Principal, Verde Group, Sacramento, CA

Orson Aguilar, Associate Director, Greenlining Institute, Berkeley, CA

Hector Preciado, Health Policy Director, Greenlining Institute, Berkeley, CA.

Eric Reyes, Executive Director, Institute for Social and Economic Justice, Brawley

Jesse G. Enriquez, President, Hidalgo Society, Brawley

Lupe Quintero, CRLA Lawyer, Imperial

Jesus Perez, Former Candidate for Superintendent of Public Schools, Imperial County

Arturo Encinas, President, MAPA, Calexico

Bill Hodge, Union Rep, Calexico

Beatriz O. Zayas, Mana member at-large, Calexico

Danny Santillan, Grassroots Organizer, Calexico

Morris Reisin, President, Chamber of Commerce, Calexico

Ruben Gonzales, Former President, Clinicas de Salud del Pueblo, El Centro

Rodolfo Pinon, Grassroots Organizer, Blythe

Dan Figueroa, Grassroots Organizer, Blythe

Mike Figueroa, Grassroots Organizer, Blythe

Alfredo Figueroa, Grassroots Organizer, Blythe

Rosalio Plata, Businessman, Cathedral City

Fred Deharo, Former President, Coachella Valley Rotary, La Quinta

Maria Deharo, Director RCOE Migrant Education Program, La Quinta

Gilberto Salcedo, CEO Que Crees Magazine, La Quinta

Greg Cervantes, Tribal Issues Consultant, La Quinta

Martin Martinez, CVMACC Co-Founder & Community Activist, Indio

Nadia Villagran, Coachella Valley Housing Coalition, Indio

Mike Walsh, Coachella Valley Housing Coalition, Indio

Roger Larranaga, Azteca America, Indio

Claudia Castorena, Co-Founder Martha’s Kitchen, Indio

Gloria Gomez, Co-Founder Martha’s Kitchen, Indio

Carlos Gonzalez, Grassroots Organizer, Indio

David Skinner, Educator, Indio

Chris Cuahape, Grassroots Organizer, Indio

Tony Rubio, Grassroots Organizer, Indio

Edgar Zendejas, Grassroots Organizer, Coachella

Lee Espinoza, Executive Director, Coachella Boxing Club, Coachella

Sal Velasquez, Community Activist, Coachella

Mirna Flores, Executive Director, CET, Coachella

Maria Arcos, Executive Director, Senior Center, Coachella

Elvira Murillo, Executive Director, Vocation and Rehabilitation, Coachella

Abby Figueroa, Community Activist, Coachella

Juanita Godwin, Executive Director, Boys and Girls Club, Coachella

Emmanuel Martinez, Grassroots Organizer, Coachella

Jose Luis Huerta, Grassroots Organizer, Oasis

Anna Lisa Vargas, Grassroots Organizer, Thermal

Gina Chapa, Grassroots Organizer, Thermal

Roberto Palomino, Director, El Informador Newspaper, Indio

Leopoldo Trevino Sr. CEO, El Independiente Newspaper, Indio

Joe Beaver, Community Activist, Palm Springs

Freddy Nuñez, Grassroots Organizer, El Centro

Ron Amidon, Candidate for School Board, Calipatria

Dr. Gustavo Galindo, Professor & Grassroots Organizer, Calipatria

Antonio Ramos, Retired Probation and Grassroots Organizer, El Centro

Juan Arvizu, Probation Officer, Heber

Pete Salgado, Probation Officer, El Centro

Joe Arambula, Probation Officer, El Centro

Guillermo Niebla, Retired Probation Officer, El Centro

Alex Vasquez, Grassroots Organizer, Calexico

Jerry Grijalva, Grassroots Organizer, Calexico

Gilbert Grijalva, Grassroots Organizer, Calexico

Arturo Rioseco, Grassroots Organizer, Calexico

Margarita DeNecochea, Community Volunteer, Calexico

Guillermo Niebla, Community Activist, Calexico

Johnny Romo, Community Activist, Calexico

Last but not least, there’s a Binder poll out on the race, and it puts Manuel Perez as the strongest Democrat against the Republican opponent, beating him in the general.  May we see that come true this November.