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Report: Feinstein Puts Pressure on Hillary Clinton

Apparently, Sen. Feinstein is asking Hillary Clinton for her primary “game plan”.

“I, as you know, have great fondness and great respect for Sen. Clinton and I’m very loyal to her,” Feinstein said. “Having said that, I’d like to talk with her and [get] her view on the rest of the race and what the strategy is.”

Clinton, who eked out a win in Indiana Tuesday night but lost big to front-runner Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.) in North Carolina, has not responded to Feinstein’s phone call, the California senator said.

“I think the race is reaching the point now where there are negative dividends from it, in terms of strife within the party,” Feinstein said. “I think we need to prevent that as much as we can.”

Interesting.  What I’d like to see is Feinstein show some leadership on the Rules Committee and block Hans von Spakovsky’s resurrected nomination to the FEC.  But I’d say DiFi is as good a bellweather as there is of the emerging CW on the Democratic nomination fight.

In other news, California superdelegate Inola Henry committed to Obama today.