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My letter to superdelegate Susan Davis

I have been holding off writing to Susan Davis, my local superdelegate, but after what Hillary Clinton said yesterday, I finally had to let it out.  Here is the text of my letter to Rep. Davis:

May 24, 2008

Susan Davis for Congress

PO Box 84049

San Diego, CA 92138 Via Facsimile

Re: Superdelagate Endorsement

Dear Congresswoman Davis:

I write to you as my member of Congress and as a superdelegate to the Democratic National Convention.  I strongly suggest that you endorse a candidate for President of the United States now.

It is my understanding that there are three positions that you and the other superdelegates have taken in this election: those who have endorsed a candidate; those who have declared their intention to vote for the winner of the most pledged delegates; and those who have made no endorsement.  It appears you fall into the third group.

Recent developments in the presidential campaign have, in my view, made it absolutely necessary that you and the other superdelegates declare your intention as soon as possible.  Specifically, Senator Clinton’s remarks about her staying in the race, juxtaposed with a reference to the assassination of Robert Kennedy in 1968, are simply beyond the level of decency I expect from a Democratic candidate.  Further, any attempt on her part to explain them as a mistake are unconvincing to say the least; as she has made such a comment on at least one other occasion in March to a Time magazine editor.

I want to say that I will respect your decision as to whom you will support; the party rules have reposed such discretion in you and your conscience, and I will leave it to you to exercise such discretion whether or not I agree with you.  However, the Democratic Party can no longer wait and watch as this internecine battle winds down.  In order for Senator Clinton to win the pledged delegates, she would have to win well over 100% of those delegates to be awarded in the remaining primary contests and caucuses.

I have supported you in Congress since you got there, but I feel that I am witness to a disturbing lack of alacrity on your part for both your Congressional and political duties.  I have been rather unimpressed with your legislative accomplishments with regard to the core duties and powers of Congress as set forth in Article I of the U.S. Constitution.  Let me point out, for example, that you were on the Veterans’ Subcommittee for years while conditions deteriorated at Walter Reed and other VA hospitals, yet I am unaware of any statement from you regarding those conditions until they became public in late 2006.  Walter Reed Hospital is only a short distance from Capitol Hill.  Based on the conditions I saw in the news, they should have been obvious to anyone who had visited the place.  I would think that you even more than others, being that your husband was a military physician, would have made an effort to visit that hospital.

Further, I note that going into the second primary election this year, you do not have a functioning campaign website.  The page asks viewers to “bear with you” while it is being updated.  I must ask: what is the holdup?

This is a disturbing trend.  Now, as the Democratic Party needs unity, and Senator Clinton seems bent on destroying it, you again “sit on the sidelines.”

It is time for the party to begin to move on to the general election.  John McCain is being given a “free ride” to do as he pleases, in spite of his daily gaffes, flip-flops, and shockingly bad positions, such as his cowardly abdication of any leadership on the new G.I. Bill.  He says he opposes the Webb bill, but would rather be fundraising rather than vote either for or against it.  The Democrats simply cannot let him get away with it any longer.

I urge you to do the simplest of things, even though it will take courage.  Please publically endorse a presidential candidate now.

Very Truly Yours,