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Random Points

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  • Speaker Pelosi on the recent revelations by Scott McClellan:

    ”This war is a big lie. It was a lie to begin with..and it continues to be a lie..at some point, maybe the lies just got to be too heavy for him to carry.” (SF Chron Blog)

  • Same-sex marriages will start on June 17.
  • Congratulations to Fiona Ma and the Assembly for passing Ma’s AB 2716, paid sick leave. Business interests howled that it would break them after SF passed mandatory sick leave by initiative. It didn’t, and SF is better for it. California will be better for it if the Governor signs the bill.
  • Environmental Leaders Against 98

  • Note: I do some web work against 98. Not a whole lot of people are coming out in support of Prop 98, while nearly every newspaper, elected official, and interest group opposes it. You have labor, business, good government, environmental, tenants, and the list goes on and on.  On the other side, you have, well, apartment owners and Howard Jarvis’ corpse that they keep dragging out.

    Today, environmental leaders got together in SF to decry the measure for the potential harm it could do to environmental safeguards. And today, Protection and Advocacy, Inc, a lobbying group for disabled Californians came out against Prop 98 and in favor of Prop 99.  Poor Jon Coupal must be crying that even with millions of dollars of landlord money, they still can’t catch a break by fooling voters and keeping progressive voters from turning out.

  • A couple more from Dave:

  • I found someone who supports Prop.98: Jeff Denham!  In fact, he’d rather put abolishing rent control on its own ballot.  Another reason to vote yes on the recall.
  • More bills are facing their fate this week, the last to move bills out of one house.  And Republicans blocked the bill put together by a federal receiver and supported by the governor, to build additional medical facilities at our overcrowded prisons.  The prisons should be less crowded, and there are plenty of steps to be taken, but this is a human rights issue.  Prisoners are dying from lack of adequate care, and without implemented some basic standards there is no way the state will avoid a federal takeover of the entire system.  That must be just what those big-government conservatives want.
  • Anthony Wright has the scoop on some other health care bills, outside the prisons, that did manage to pass through one chamber of the legislature.  These are some good, sensible proposals, including a mandate that 85% of premium money go toward patient care (SB1440), independent reviews before insurer rescissions (AB1945), expanding the requirement on insurers covering mental health services (AB1887) and maternity services (AB1962), and SB1522, which standardizes insurance and simplifies the process, in effect eliminating “junk” insurance.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger is an unpopular governor.