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Thursday Random Links & Open Thread

There are some other items of note going on beyond the Democratic Party (or at least somewhat beyond the Democratic Party). Some items of note:

  • SEIU to endorse Prop 11? The redistricting initiative was loudly opposed at the Democratic Party e-Board, but it’s going to a second ballot for SEIU. I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again, but this is the wrong reform. It unfairly puts Republicans at equal footing with Democrats and can’t actually accomplish much of substance.
  • Willie Brown testified on behalf of Julie Lee in her federal corruption trial. She was the center of the case against former SoS Kevin Shelley.
  • Another big city former mail was in court. This time it’s former LA Mayor James Hahn denying that he knew of commissioners taking bribes.
  • Eighth graders will be required to take Algebra I in order to comply with No Child Left Behind. State Superintendent Jack O’Connell was very, very opposed to this because he feared that it would increase dropout rates.
  • The delta smelt might end up on the endangered species list. This is a big, big deal as much of their habitat is affected by our water pumping projects in the Delta. How this is dealt with will affect our water supplies for years.
  • The high speed rail line between SF and LA will go through Pacheco Pass. HSR must happen if we are to succeed in the new economy. While the route matters, its importance is secondary to the fact that we must get Prop 1 passed.
  • Anything else?

    [UPDATE by Dave]: I have a couple:

    • Here’s a Republican being a Republican.  Classy as hell.

    Santa Ana City Councilman Carlos Bustamante has quietly resigned from two state commissions he was appointed to by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, after his published remarks last month suggesting that a male candidate for Orange County sheriff could’ve gotten the job if he had breast implants […]

    After the Orange County Board of Supervisors appointed Sandra Hutchens over Santa Ana Police Chief Paul Walters as the county’s sheriff on June 10, Bustamante joked to a blogger: “I kept telling the chief [Walters]: ‘Maybe we should get you some implants. Or a water bra.’ “

    • More coverage on John Garamendi’s speech at the launch of Health Care For America Now.

    TChris at Talk Left looks at the death penalty in CA.  This is pretty shocking:

    Since 1978, the federal courts have ordered new trials in 38 of 54 death penalty appeals in California, an unacceptable 70 percent error rate.

    Read the whole thing.

    • And this is a few days old, but just so you know, the yacht economy is rocking!!!  Thanks to that avoidance of sales tax, I’m sure!