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D3 Supervisor: A Case Against Lynn Jefferson?

I have been looking over the candidates for District 3 Supervisor and, at this point, I am leaning toward supporting Lynn Jefferson as my first choice. Joe Alioto is no option, Wilma Pang is out to lunch, Claudine Cheng seems too closely tied to the Downtown developers and I have serious doubts about David Chiu’s readiness (nothing related to the unfortunate swiftboating). From what I have read and heard thus far, Jefferson seems like someone with the right balance. “Moderate” seems to be a nasty word in the City, but thre is a differnce between moderation and Carmen Chiu’s reactionary voting record.

But before I commit to anyone, I need a Devil’s Advocate, someone to make the case against votoing for her. Yes, I know she is a member of the North Beach Chamber of Commerce but I don’t think business is inherently bad. Here is the one message form her website that really stands out.

I strongly support preserving our neighborhood character and have spent countless hours before the Planning Commission fighting to keep our neighborhood character vibrant and unique. But the zoning policies pursued by our current leadership have gone beyond keeping chain stores out and have hurt the very businesses that make District 3 the neighborhood residents and visitors love so much.

When zoning policies are driven by narrow special interests, we end up with vacant buildings and storefronts that no one can afford to operate a business in. We can keep our neighborhood character and ensure the success of small businesses that serve the needs of residents and visitors.

It IS out of hand. Too many building are left vacant because there is always one group ready to object to a certain kind of development and we let the perfect become the enemy of the good. So there it is. Who do you think is the best choice out there?