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CA Republican Lawmakers are cowards

As our state enters into 74 days of no budget it is time to call the Republicans in the state legislature what they are: “cowards.”

The San Jose Mercury News called the CA GOP out today with this editorial:

So let us be more blunt: Republican lawmakers should stop being cowards. Either go public with their own budget or accept one on the table: the Democrats’, which we mostly prefer, or Schwarzenegger’s latest version. To do otherwise is reckless.

Republicans have acted with herd-like timidity, hiding behind their anti-tax pledge. If they really believe that $15 billion can be cut from the $100 billion state budget without provoking a citizens’ revolt, then tell us how. Spell out cuts to schools and colleges. List layoffs to state workers; detail the impact on hospitals, on the elderly, and on children losing health care.

Send a message to the CA GOP lawmakers by going to:


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There are also links on the above blog to all of the elected GOP lawmakers.

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