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Calitics on the Radio

I will be guest hosting the first hour of the KRXA 540 AM morning show here in Monterey this morning at 8. KRXA is our locally-owned progressive talk station, which usually runs syndicated programming like Stephanie Miller and Thom Hartmann but has a local show in the morning, as well as local programming at night and on weekends. You can listen live via the website and I’ll be on from 8-9. They don’t currently post archived shows.

I’m going to have John Laird on as my guest the first 1/2 hour to discuss the budget. I have a list of questions but if you all want me to ask anything specific, let me know.

The second 1/2 hour will be a bit more free-flowing, with discussion of state and local political issues. I have a feeling total recall will come up. Maybe Palin’s fundraiser, maybe Abramoff Republicans.

This should be fun. Especially if I don’t push the wrong buttons. Feel free to critique my performance in the comments.