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GOP Fatwa Now in Place on CalTax

Well, now that the California Taxpayers’ Association (aka CalTax)has endorsed the Governor’s sales tax plan, the Republicans have decided that they suck.  Note that CalTax actually is fairly moderate when compared to the wingers of the Republican Assembly Caucus, despite being controlled by big business. Apparently they actually understand about these whole budget things, and how you have to have more revenue than expenses. In fact, Cal Tax opposed Prop 13.

So anyway, the Republicans hate CalTax now. Big Time. So they wrote a letter telling them about the depth of their hatred for all things associated with them and that they hate their dogs. (PDF here) Ok, the dog part isn’t in there:

Not since Cal-Tax opposed Proposition 13 and supported Proposition 111 has your tax organization put such a cynical political calculation before the benefit of the entire state. The Assembly Republican Caucus has uniformly stood firm against the onslaught of tax increases pending in the Legislature. We have opposed taxes on businesses as well as hard- working Californians. We fundamentally believe that tax increases at this pivotal time will push the state’s economy into recession and delay any recovery.

We really hate taxes. Did you hear that Club for Growth. H-A-T-E Them. We’d rather see our state government collapse than see another tax. Screw you Ronald Reagan and your 11% top tax rates! We hate ’em.  (Except Greg Aghzarian. He’s running in a moderate district, so we’ve excused him from our rants.)

Thank you.