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Open Thread

And a good Tuesday to you.

• So the budget has been finally signed.  Apparently the Governor blue-penciled $510 million in projects.  Here are some specifics on what those blue pencils are – apparently a lot of cuts to seniors, which is real classy.  I’ll have more on this tomorrow. (Dave)

• You may remember a lot of noise about a proposed toll road through the San Onofre State Beach.  The California Coastal Commission rejected it, but supporters took the extraordinary step of calling on the Commerce Department to ram this through.  There was a furious debate about this yesterday, with over 650 people packed into a public hearing in Del Mar, and over 150 speakers.  Even if the Commerce Department rules in favor of the toll road, there would be more approvals needed, plus court cases, etc., so this would go on and on.

• About 43% of the state’s households speak a language other than English. The U.S., and California particularly, is a pluralistic society. Get used to it. (B)

• Speaking of a pluralistic society, immigration is down. Apparently people don’t want to come to deal with our crappy economy. (B)

• Also unsurprisingly, homeownership rates are down. Case in point, San Diego. (B)

• The official response to the first No on Prop. 8, Equality for All campaign’s first ad is that the ad was “a blatant appeal to sympathy and emotion.” aka this is really effective and we don’t like it. Somewhere there is a little harp playing. (Julia)

• And finally, friend of the blog thereisnospoon appears in a new Microsoft ad where the company tries to recast their image as reflecting the spirit of the cutting edge.  I’m assuming that spoon is a PC because he digs World of Warcraft and first-person shooters or something, because frankly I can’t see another reason.

UPDATE: One more item, a statement from DiFi on the terrible decision by the House Commerce committee to lift the offshore oil moratorium:

“I think it’s awful. This battle is not over.  We will come back and fight another day – that’s for sure. I regret the House appropriations committee didn’t see fit to go with a better, more widely accepted alternative, which would have kept in place a moratorium 50 miles or more off shore.  In my view, there were better options than this.”