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John McCain wants to postpone Friday’s Debate

PBS/Lehrer NewsHour is reporting that John McCain wants to postpone Friday’s debate with Barack Obama.  McCain is using the Wallstreet Bailout Bill as the reason for delaying an all-important meeting of the two candidates.

Read the article here: http://www.pbs.org/newshour/vo…

McCain can’t get away with this distraction.  What kind of floor action could take place in the Senate at 9PM Eastern Time on a Friday????

Hmmm.  Could it be McCain has no plan, no credible answer for the economic upheaval we are suffering RIGHT NOW?

I’m proud of Barack Obama, who has indicated that he wants to continue with the debate.  The non-partisan Commission on Debates has agreed and will go forward with the debate as scheduled.  Friday promises to give us some great television.

Let’s hope Jim Lehrer has some great questions for McCain, if he shows.