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CA-46: Long Beach City Councilman Puts His Thumbs On The Scale

Gary DeLong represents the 3rd District of the Long Beach City Council, and he holds a monthly meeting – at taxpayer expense – with constituents.  This month he abruptly decided to invite Dana Rohrabacher – his preferred candidate for Congress – to the meeting.

Walking a legal, ethical and political tightrope just before Election Day, Long Beach City Councilmember Gary DeLong has suddenly invited the candidate he supports for congress-conservative incumbent Republican Dana Rohrabacher-to speak Thursday at DeLong’s monthly lunchtime meeting with his Third District constituents.

Debbie Cook, the Huntington Beach mayor who is presenting Rohrabacher with his strongest challenge in his 20 years in the House of Representatives, had not heard about the event when contacted by The District Weekly late Monday night. “I was not invited,” she said.

Long Beach Police Chief Anthony Batts had been scheduled for more than a month to address the Third District Neighborhoods meeting, but DeLong abruptly disinvited Batts so that Rohrabacher could appear.

DeLong has made three financial contributions to Rohrabacher’s re-election campaign in the last 16 months. He donated $200 on June 27, $250 on Feb. 14 and $200 on June 16, 2007. Additionally, DeLong wrote a $1,000 check to the National Republican Congressional Committee on October 1.

But juggling the guest list at the Third District Neighborhoods meeting may constitute DeLong’s most-valuable gift to Rohrabacher, providing the congressman with a late-in-the-campaign appearance before some of Long Beach’s most-affluent and influential residents.

Hilariously, A DeLong spinner explains that the city staffers for the event are going on their lunch hour and the invites weren’t sent on city time, so everything’s above board.  Oh, and where’s it being held?

THE LONG BEACH YACHT CLUB.  Perfect setting for a Yacht Party get-together.

What’s most notable about this is that Rohrabacher is showing up in Long Beach at all.  I’d be surprised if he knows where it is.  Rohrabacher usually runs up the score in the Orange County strongholds.  This year, he has to search for votes everywhere.

Support Calitics Match candidate Debbie Cook.

…oh yeah, if you want more of an incentive, Dana strongly supports Prop. 8.  He says that we do not need to change the definition of marriage in order to “make a small number of people comfortable with themselves”.  

I think that says it all.